Stanley Tucci Talks About Catching Fire and Directors Francis Lawerence and Gary Ross with Collider

In a recent interview with Collider, Stanley Tucci, the actor who plays flamboyant host Caesar Flickerman in “The Hunger Games” franchise, talks about directors Gary Ross and Francis Lawrence.

COLLIDER: Jumping into something else, The Hunger Games switched directors to Francis Lawrence and I’m curious what was it like working with him on the next film? 
TUCCI: He was great, he’s lovely.  I think Gary [Ross] did such an amazing and Gary’s such a nice guy.  They’re very different directors and personalities.  Gary’s very garrulous and Francis is very quiet, but he’s very talented and I had a really nice time with him. 
COLLIDER: Obviously people have read the book, but what can you tease people about the next one? 
TUCCI: [Laughs] I can’t, I really can’t, I’m sworn to secrecy number one, but also you have to remember I’m only there for a week and I shoot all my stuff on a stage and then that’s it, so I’m not even privy to what’s going on. 
COLLIDER: The Hunger Games is a huge franchise now. Were there any difference for you in terms of when you’re making the first one you’re not really sure if anyone’s going to come out for the movie, then it comes out and it’s this massive hit. Did you feel any pressure going back for the sequel?  Or was it sort of like you did it and you can do it again? 
TUCCI: Yeah, I think that’s what you feel, you just want to do it as well again, that’s all.  You never want to rest on your laurels.  You just want to give it 100% every time.

To read the rest of the interview (more on Tucci’s latest flick Jack the Giant Slayer with Nicholas Hoult as lead), click it here.

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