Sam Claflin Talks Catching Fire via Twitter

British actor Sam Claflin has conducted a Twitter Q&A and he talked about Catching Fire, his character Finnick and bromance with Josh Hutcherson.

@JennyKatharine: @samclaflin What was the best thing about kissing Josh Hutcherson?” His scent.

@belleCHN: @samclaflin how does it feel to give josh a cpr #askclaffers” it felt great. We bonded. #bromanceneverdies

@azmarrahb: @samclaflin What are you eating for lunch? #askclaffers” just had chicken and veg (back to my HG diet) – I enjoy it though.

@ClarisseOlviga: @samclaflin Bromance with @jhutch1992, true or false? #Askclaffers” truth from my side, he might hate me though…

@_iFangirl: #askclaffers @samclaflin What do you have in common with Finnick?” Erm. Nothing… I like sugar cubes.

@ForwardWithJBro: @samclaflin do you read the books before the movie? #askclaffers” yes I do. You have to. Just to get a better sense.

@Fam_Malik: @samclaflin If you didn’t play Finnick in HG which character would you like to play? #askclaffers” buttercup.

@hutchsmile: @samclaflin Do you like Hunger Games?” Suzanne Collins is a saint. I love the books.

@MockingJLaw: @samclaflin Sam who’s gonna play Annie? #askclaffers” interesting question…

@vintagefeathers: @samclaflin favorite THG book? #AskClafflins” I love all three equally. Amazing journey.

@_KayleighWright: @samclaflin If the hunger games were real would you ever volunteer for anyone. If so who 🙂 #askclaffers” everyone I love

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