William Levy to be in Mockingjay Movie?

According to the recent article from Latin Times, William Levy is in talks to play a part in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. The report was from the radio show “Fórmula Espectacular.” 
William Levy is a Latin actor who is already making a huge buzz on his telenovela “La Tempestad.” He is currently working with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith’s wife, for the movie “Salsa.” Will Smith also expresses appreciation to the actor’s talent and his potential to be a superstar.
“He’s wonderful. We had dinner the other day and he’s a genius with a lot of talent; he’s strong, handsome and smart. It’s like he’s already a worldwide known superstar. I’m going to be very pleased to see him become that.”

If William can make it to the movie adaptation of Mockingjay, what would be the perfect role for him?

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