Catching Fire Trailer 2 – Katniss’ Flaming Mockingjay Dress, Victors in Action, More Visual Effects and More Intensity

My dear Hunger Games fans, I present you the second trailer of the most anticipated movie of 2013, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This is brought to you by Yahoo! This clip was first seen during the Comic Con in San Diego, California.

As you could see, a lot of new clips are in here. We get to see Katniss’ flaming wedding/mockingjay dress (President Snow was really surprised when the dress transformed into a mockingjay). Then it also features the viciousness of the victors like Johanna (with her axe), Gloss (with his knives), and Enobaria (with her razor sharp teeth). You can see Finnick on his Tribute Parade dress (well it’s not as bold or vulgar as it was in the book but he is still hot). Seriously, I can’t contain myself anymore!

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