EW Fall Preview Scans of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Here are scans of the fall preview of Entertainment Magazine. You can also see some part of article below:

“Lionsgate knew I could handle the size of the movie and we were all in agreement of what the movie should be. It’s still really Katniss’ story-there are no diversions from her. I wanted to be true to the book and I didn’t want to reinvent it in any way. It jus needed an adaptation”. ~ Francis Lawrence

Francis Lawrence & Suzanne Collins spent 3 days last spring hammering out a new outline before screen writer Michael Arndt stepped in.

For the same of the movie, they trimmed the novels 1st third in which a traumatized Katniss is locked in an internal debate about whether she’s more to herself or the revolution she’s unwittingly sparked. The scene where she stumbles on refugees Bonnie and Twill? Cut. Or when she jumps from the trip wire fence and sprains her ankle? Gone. But the beating heart of the book remains intact , Francis Lawrence promises.

Claflin spent many hours prepping for his very first scene, where he casually ties a knot in a rope while talking to Katniss. “I wanted to do it just standing up, chatting away. I’d practice and practice for weeks in my room. I must have looked like a crazy person in my hotel room tying a noose constantly”. ~ Sam Claflin

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