Peeta Mellark to Have Bows in Catching Fire

Bow maker John Scrifes has talked to Outdoor Life and he revealed his experiences in making the bows used by Jennifer  Lawrence for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. He also revealed that he is making bows for Josh Hutcherson’s character Peeta Mellark in Catching Fire.
Here’s an excerpt from Outdoor Life’s article and interview:

“[Scrifes] started his love affair with the traditional wood bow in the late 90s. He saw a man — he doesn’t remember his name now — making wood bows at an outdoor show in Louisville, and said that was the moment that ignited the spark. “I was like man, that’s cool. I really want to do that,” Scrifes said in a phone interview.

His involvement with “The Hunger Games” movies started in the form of an e-mail sent to him in April of 2011. A woman from a prop company wanted to purchase four finished bows from him — not the blanks he sold.

“I told her I don’t sell finished bows,” he said. ”So I passed her along to some folk who I knew had made bows for sale. But neither one of them had the ability to get this done, and they wanted them quick. Like in less than two weeks quick, which is nearly impossible really. We kept talking and I began to get more interested. She proposed sending me the artist rendition, and see what it would take to get them done. I said yes and she sent them to me. As I was looking them over I noticed a tag on one that said ‘Katniss bow.’”

“I was pretty excited,” said Scrifes. “We reached an agreement and I was to make two functional bows and two which are in a permanently drawn position. They’re not in it for very long, only for a few seconds. But at the beginning of the movie, the bow Miss Lawrence is using to hunt with, that’s the bow I made in my garage.”
Scrifes went on to make four bows for the second movie — two more for Katniss and two for Peeta Mellark.

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