Stef Dawson is Annie Cresta in Mockingjay Part 1 and 2

Australian actress Stef Dawson has been chosen to play Annie Cresta, Finnick Odair’s love interest, in the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collin’s book “Mockingjay.” She will become Sam Claflin’s love interest in the last two movies of the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy,. Annie Cresta is also a victor from District 4 who was traumatized after winning the Games. She survived it after the gamemakers flooded the entire arena and she’s the only who knew how to swim, since she’s from District 4 and fishing is their main way of living. 
Stef Dawson has been involved in various independent films  Shadow of the Monarchs and Foxfur. You can see her IMDB page here.
What do you think of Stef as Annie? Do you think she has a great chemistry with Sam Claflin?

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