Johanna’s Chariot and Parade Dress in Catching Fire Detailed by Trish Summerville

When asked about her favorite costumes in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, costume designer Trish Summerville chose Johanna Mason’s chartiot costume as well as the dress worn by Katniss on the gala hosted by President snow in the Capitol. Here’s what she has to say:


“Probably the two pieces are Johanna’s chariot costume and also Katniss’ [at] President Snow’s gala; the Victory Tour party costume. It’s embroidered in the shape of feathers and flames. And then Johanna’s chariot costume is a bodysuit that has three-dimensional printing on it, and a leather corset inspired by — because she’s from the lumber district — so the corset looks like a tree. We literally took pieces of bark off of a tree and headed to a printer to have them scan it and make all of the pieces look like bark.”

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