The National to Add the Song Lean on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack

Stereogum has reported that The National will add up the song “Lean” in the upcoming soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The song was originally titled “Dying is Easy.” Lean will be added on the recently released song by Coldplay entitled “Atlas,” which you could listen here.

According to the artist:

The song almost didn’t make it because it was too dark for The Hunger Games soundtrack, which I thought was sort of funny because it’s about killing kids. I don’t know how a song can be darker than that. So we had to change the name of the song; I actually like the name ‘Lean.’… You know, I get it. It was a really fun project… It was a cool change from how we normally work on things, to write something for something else. It was kind of a pressure release thing, and it was fun.”

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