Jennifer Lawrence Was Seasick When Shooting Mockingjay

Femalefirst UK has reported that award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was having seasick when shooting a scene in the special effect pool. Read the article below from

Jennifer Lawrence 23 plays Katniss Everdeen in the futuristic saga had to call an abrupt stop to shooting with co-star Liam Hemsworth while in a special effects pool, where she was being hit by simulated strong waves, because the motion made her feel sick.
“Suddenly shouting that she was going to be sick, Jen ordered the special effects guys to stop rocking the boat.”

The problem was she had left it to late and the motion didn’t stop in time causing the actress to throw up on the vessel’s deck, much to her embarrassment.

Jennifer apologised profusely to the crew and co-star Liam before returning to her dressing room to recover. Jen was able to return and re-shoot the scene shortly afterwards.

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