Julianne Moore Talks About Reading The Hunger Games and Being Part of the Movie Franchise

In a recent article from USA Today, Julianne Moore reveals what drawn her to The Hunger Games. Ms. Moore will be playing the role of Alma Coin, the leader of the underground District 13. 

On reading the books:

“My son read them when they first came out … and then my daughter a few years ago started reading The Hunger Games. We were on vacation and I didn’t bring a book to read, and she went and caught up with her brother to play ping-pong. I picked up her book and read it that afternoon, and then downloaded the other two on my iPad and tore through them.”

“They’re books about war but with adolescent overtones,” she says. “It’s about, what is totalitarianism, what is revolution? How do people compromise, how do we repeat our mistakes? It’s heartbreaking. I was really impressed by the books, so I’m delighted to be doing it.”

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