Jena Malone Talks About Johanna’s Elevator Scene with USA Today

In a recent article from USA Today, Jena Malone was able to share how she managed to strip down in a short time while filming the famous “elevator” scene with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Woody Harrelson. 

“It was a really fast elevator,” she says. “At first, we’d get to the door opening, and I’d still be halfway dressed and falling out of the elevator.
“I realized I was going to need some time. I had to choreograph, because I had these bracelets and the whole zipper down the side of the outfit and then taking off the shoes,” she adds. “It was literally like a six-second striptease. I became a really good burlesque dancer.”
“I finally got all of the timing bits down,” Malone says. “And as I turned to go, the elevator doors opened. And there was a guy holding two cups of coffee from Starbucks trying to get onto the elevator. I just walked out. I was like, ‘OK, keep going!’ And he was totally unfazed. It’s like me, naked in all of Joanna’s glory, and then Woody Harrelson, Jen (Lawrence) and Josh (Hutcherson) and the camera operator behind me.”
“It was the best moment of my life,” she adds.

Read more at USA Today.

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