Mobile Game for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Entitled Panem Run to be Released on November 22nd

Reliance Games and Lionsgate have teamed up for the mobile game Panem Run in coordinate with the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, to be released on November 22, 2013. Here’s an excerpt from the report via Polygon.

Panem Run takes the frantic action of the Hunger Games series — contestants called Tributes battling in perilous arena to last man standing, all in order to win food and money for their poverty-stricken home regions — and meshes it into an endless runner. The game will include social features, such as a competitive mode that will allow Panem Run players to challenge their friends’ high scores.

“With its epic story of struggling for survival, The Hunger Games franchise lets us recreate the competitive world of Panem in a social mobile game,” said CEO of Reliance Games Manish Agarwal in a statement to Polygon. “In partnering with Lionsgate, we’ll build a community of Hunger Games fans, teaming up to face unique challenges together as they run through the Districts of Panem.”

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