Video: Google Hangout Global Chat with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cast and Fans

Here’s the video of the recent Google hangout session of the director/cast and international fans (very lucky fans) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

What they’ve talked about:

  • favorite scene in Catching Fire (cast)
  • visual approach to Catching Fire as compared to The Hunger Games (director Francis)
  • things Jen couldn’t live without
  •  intense scene shot in CF (Liam)
  • most emotional scene to shoot (cast)
  • skills to show off to the gamemakers and their scores (cast)
  • strangest fan encounter (Josh)
  • other inspiration in filming Catching Fire (director Francis)
  • what timezone they will choose in the Catching Fire arena – blood rain, fog, lightning (cast)
  • faithfullness of Catching Fire movie to the book
  • favorite set to film in Catching Fire (cast)
  • what would they ask if they met their character to life
  • who’s better kisser Josh or Liam (Jen)
  • what inspires them to read Catching Fire
  • what it felts like to shoot the monkey scene
  • being nervous in shooting scenes (Josh)
  • Haymitch on protecting Peeta and Katniss (Jen/director Francis)
  • being punked on Catching Fire set (cast)
  • who’s voice is going to be used if they are trapped in the jabberjay scene (cast)
  • getting along with the new cast
  • physical training for Catching Fire
  • and a lot more

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