Willow Shields Talks About Prim in Catching Fire

We are Movie Geeks (WAMG) has talked to Willow Shields and the actress was able to gush about Catching Fire as well as the maturity of her character Prim in the movie.

WAMG: What was it like making the second Hunger Games film?
WS: It’s exciting. I’m not as nervous as I was when I was making the first film. I know the cast already and everyone’s welcoming and knows each other, which is convenient. My character is getting a bit bigger so I’m a bit nervous about that.
WAMG: Does your character have a more prominent role?
WS: There’s going to be four films, so Prim’s role is going to get bigger and bigger.
WAMG: How much bigger is the role in the second film than the first?
WS: Just a little bigger now, but by the third film, it will have developed quite a bit more.
WAMG: Have you started filming parts three and four yet?
WS: Not yet. I’m not sure when we’re starting those. It’s in pre-production now. We’ve been doing some costume fittings and stuff.
WAMG: Was the second film also filmed in North Carolina like the first?
WS: No, it was filmed in Atlanta and Hawaii.
WAMG: Why was that?
WS: The second story’s games take place in a tropical arena so they went to Hawaii.
WAMG: Are you good friends with Jennifer Lawrence? Are you guys like sisters in real life?
WS: Yeah! We hung out at the premiere and recently and Comic-Con

WAMG: And you have a new director with part 2. What’s the difference between the directorial style of Francis Lawrence and Gary Ross, who directed the first one?
WS: There isn’t really much of a difference. The fans loved the first movie and Francis did a terrific job on the second. I loved working with Gary Ross but Francis was great too. He was really welcoming to the whole cast and I’m sure the fans will love the second movie as well.
WAMG: Have you ever met Suzanne Collins (the author of the Hunger Games novels), and if so, what did she have to say to you about the character of Prim?
WS: I’ve met her two or three times and she’s super-sweet. She told me the first I met her that I was the perfect Prim and that she couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. She has such a love for writing and it’s fun just to talk to her about her writing and she was super-excited that I was cast.
WAMG: I haven’t read the books. Do you think she’ll ever write a fourth or fifth book, or has the story pretty much ended?
WS: No, the story is over. She’s not going to write another one.
WAMG: Are there some big stars that are in the second movie that were not in the first movie?
WS: Yeah, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is new to the series. A few others.
WAMG: Did a lot of girls audition for the role of Prim?
WS: I don’t know. The director told me that he was really excited that I had the role and that he had auditioned quite a few actresses for it and that I was definitely the perfect one, but I never heard how many girls actually tried out for the part.

WAMG: Do you have some other movie roles coming up that you have committed to?
WS: I have one that I’m committed to right now, but I’m not sure when they are going to start filming.
WAMG: There’s a lot of violence towards teenagers in the Hunger Games films. Was that something you or your parents were concerned about?
WS: No, that wasn’t an issue. When you read the books, at least for me, it’s not so much about the violence at all. I mean there’s that idea there, but there’s so many other aspects to the story, like how Catniss is fighting for her family, how there’s Pita and Gayle and all these different things so you’re not thinking about the violence so much.
WAMG: Have you seen the new movie?
WS: I have seen it and I’m getting ready to go to the London and L.A. premieres. I knew it was going to be incredible, but it’s just a great movie.
WAMG: Better than the first one?
WS: No, there are different aspects to each movie that make them different. They’re both equally incredible.
WAMG: Are you getting recognized a lot? Any weird encounters with fans?
WS: I’m getting recognized but not a ton. I haven’t had any weird encounters though sometimes little girls will recognize me and cry.
WAMG: You’re on the cover of the new Seventeen Magazine. What was that like?
WS: It was fun! I got to go to New York for the first time which was amazing. It turned out great and I’m excited!
WAMG: Good luck with HUNGER GAMES CATCHING FIRE and enjoy the rest of your visit to St. Louis
WS: Thank you!

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