District 1 Hunger Games


District 1 is among the most wealthy districts of Panem. Its main industry is making luxury products, including jewelry, for the Capitol. Therefore, District 1 has a completely good relationship with the Capitol, although it is still not forgiven from the annual Hunger Games. It appears that parents from District 1 prefer to name their children after these special items and their features; names just like Marvel and Glimmer are a depiction of their “gorgeous” nature. Children in District 1 typically appear to be very proud of playing in the Hunger Games, and are also some of the group of tributes who band jointly to pick off the less strong opponents, called Careers. On her Success Travel, Katniss Everdeen described that she sensed anxious entering District 1, because she killed each of the district’s tributes in the 74th Hunger Games. In addition, she says just how their outfits in the Tribute March are always the ideal, and how silly the district names are for their kids.


The following professions are available in District 1:

  • Perfumer
  • Jeweler
  • Hair Stylist
  • Furrier
  • Goldsmith
  • Vintner



The tributes from District 1 are Careers, who practice rough for the Games and volunteer to participate. They normally are overconfident, like the majority of of the Careers, but this barely makes a difference; they are perfectly trained that they can quickly alter their frame of mind if required. There are 2 known tributes from District 1.

Female Tribute – Glimmer

Glimmer is the female tribute from District 1. For her appearance in the chariot march as defined in the novel, she was spray-painted silver and wearing a identical silver robe with Marvel, however in the movie the girl put on a hot pink headdress ıncluding a long pink outfit together with Marvel. In her interview in the novel, she dressed in a transparent golden dress, however in the movie her dress was a frilly, womanly pink knee-length babydoll outfit. Glimmer informed Caesar Flickerman in the interview that she was “very” well prepared. She is a Career Tribute and relatively experienced with a bow-and-arrow. Throughout the Games, Glimmer was one of many Careers when Katniss tried to kill them by dropping a nest of tracker jackers on them as they slept. Glimmer did not get away from the attack and was killed together with the girl from District 4. Glimmer yet again shown up in the book as a muttation, which was made by using her DNA by the Capitol. She is pictured by Leven Rambin in the film.



Male Tribute – Marvel

Marvel is the male tribute from District 1. His name is unfamiliar to Katniss before the Victory Tour in the second book; through the entire Hunger Game she is just referred to as “the boy from District 1”. He is a Career Tribute and Katniss’s third kill. He is the second-tallest tribute, shorter just than Thresh, and is incredibly competent at spear throwing. When just 8 tributes remain, he kills Rue by spearing her in the belly. In the book, Katniss is known to have shoots an arrow through his neck, resulting him to drown in his own blood; in the movie Katniss launches an arrow through his heart in retaliation. Marvel is portrayed by Jack Quaid.

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