District 5 Hunger Games


District 5 belongs to the 13 districts. Its primary sector is electricity and power, plus the area is in charge of producing the electricity for the whole country. In the movie Mockingjay, Part, this District is known to possess a big hydroelectric dam utilized for this intent. The dam was attacked and shut off by rebels throughout the 2nd Rebellion, leading to a huge loss of electricity in the Nation.


The below careers are available in District 5:


  • Power Plant security officer
  • Equipment manager
  • Maintenance
  • System analyst
  • Geologist


  • Porter Millicent Tripp – Winner from the 38th Hunger Games. In an unidentified level within Games, she was given a spinal damage, and later on, needed to put on a forever head brace.
  • Foxface – Deceased on day SIXTEEN of the 74th Hunger Games, just after taking toxic Nightlock fruits. She positioned Fourth in the novel and Fifth in the film.
  • Unknown Male (75th HG) – Killed by Finnick during the bloodbath.
  • Unknown female (75th HG) – Deceased on the 2nd day (Tidal wave).
  • Unknown male (74th HG) – Died on the 1st day (Bloodbath).


The male tribute at the 74th Hunger Games was killed while in the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. “Foxface.” nickname was given to the girl tribute by Katniss. She made it through by robbing meals from other tributes to stay alive, and also her rapid, humorous decisions. Actually, it was her way to survival that ultimately killed her. She took a few fruits from Peeta Mellark’s collection. Unfortunately, she foolishly ate the berries, which were toxic nightlock. Katniss Everdeen remarks that if they were to get a check, Foxface could be the cleverest by a mile.


The tributes throughout the 75th Hunger Games had been both previous winners. The male tribute was an alcoholic and vomited around the sword-fighting arena in an exercise routine. In the arena, the male is murdered within bloodbath at the Cornucopia by Finnick Odair. The female been around somewhat longer. Katniss listens to her shout as soon as the tsunami strikes, drowning and eliminating her.


  • It’s unidentified, but dubious since the male tribute tried to assault Katniss and Finnick, that the District 5 winners were involved in the rebel alliance to free her because they were not stated among the districts that joined.
  • District 5 is probably among the richest districts, just like District 1 or District 2 because of the low number of people who take tesserae.
  • It usually is suggested that District 5 will need to be situated in western Panem throughout the Bumpy Mountains as it will have to provide power to the Capitol. This could be also backed by how District 12, which is based on the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Panem, doesn’t have a sufficient amount of energy to bright their houses or the electric fencing which is all around the district.
  • In the last two Hunger Games, both males were wiped out in the bloodbath although both females made it through the bloodbath, the contrary of District 10.
  • District 1, District 5 and District 9 are the sole districts without having a regarded rebel.
  • If the inhabitants are 134,345 and they would have claim 2,881 tesserae, it would mean 0.021 tesserae per head, which makes it the second wealthiest District.


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