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An arena is a huge, surrounded, outdoor place where the Hunger Games are organized annually. Arenas are made by the Gamemakers and a unique one is constructed each year. It could be whatever from a frozen wasteland to a scorched desert, dense forest to an open field, etc. The Gamemakers place traps and clever strategies into the arena, to delight the folks of Panem. Every arena has a Cornucopia, which consists of guns, food, and so on. Also, it is where the tributes release into the arena to start the Games. Likewise, all of the arenas have force fields surrounding them which will bounce back anything that strikes it. Through the years a couple of tributes have at some point used it as a weapon.


The arenas were viewed as essential traditional landmarks and were maintained after the ending of the Games. The arenas were also a well known visitor place to go for many Capitol residents who would dedicate a holiday visiting the arena from their beloved games, where they might manage to re-watch the Games, check out the sites of the deaths, as well as indulge in reenactments (and they stated the meals were superb). Following the closing of the 2nd Rebellion, all of the arenas were wrecked, and memorials to the numerous teenagers and adult winners from the 75th Hunger Games, wiped out inside their confines were made in their place. The force field has murdered some people too through the years, like Blight, the District Seven male tribute in the 75th Hunger Games.

Food and Water Sources


There were also various usual animals in the arena, which tributes can use as meals sources if they learned steps to make traps, or had a tool they could hunt with. Such as, there have been squirrels and rabbits, grooslings, fish, and waterfowl. Thresh utilized the grain field as a way to food. There have been likewise lots of bushes with fruits throughout the arena. A few of them were harmless, but there have been several bushes with nightlock berries, which killed Foxface. There have been the lots of rivers in the arena. But, a lot of them weren’t clean, and Katniss had to use iodine prior to drinking.




A few of the mutations living in the arena werewolf mutts and tracker jackers meant to symbolize all the dead tributes – Katniss identified their human eyes, which appeared as if the eyes of the tributes – she even seen herself questioning if they made them by using real eyes of the dead tributes. Furthermore, they got collars with the numbers of their districts on them. And also the Capitol-created mutations, there have been various Mockingjay nests residing high in the woods.



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The Gamemakers possess the total charge of the arena setting and can make any threat they want. In The Hunger Games, they placed the forest on fire and changed among night and day at will. In the 75th Hunger Games, the Gamemakers torn the arena into 12 sections, every single made up of another type of fear which only triggered at a specific hour. Such as, at noon and midnight, an hour-long electrical storm would occur in the 1st section. Additional hazards experienced by the tributes covered carnivorous monkeys, blood rain, insects, a fog-like gas that caused chemical burns to the skin, a tidal wave and nerve damage, and a portion of the jungle in which tributes were captured with jabberjays that mimicked the screams of their family and friends. The center of the arena could also move, disorienting those trying to learn the clock technique.

As soon as the rebellion, the arenas were demolished and swapped by memorials.



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