Hunger Games Districts


The region of Panem is situated in what used to be North America. At the center is located the Capitol, a center of money and importance which arranges the annual Hunger Games. Encircling the Capitol are 13 hunger games districts, areas which come under the charge of the Capitol.


The districts all have different characteristics, however, all of them are ruled from very far by the unkind and strong government of the Capitol. The districts provide the Capitol with things, yet they frequently have punishments, sanctions, or unfair constraints put upon them by the tyrannical powers that be.


Although not every district gets the equal share of screen time in The Hunger Games series, each one is still crucial to the 2nd Rebellion, either as a friend or an opposition. Here is a useful refresher for what makes each Panem district unique.

District 1

District 1 is one of the 13 districts of Panem. Its sector is producing luxury items for the Capitol. Because of the quality of its sector, it’s considered as the richest district, the only other richer area being the Capitol itself. It is known as a career district.

District 2

District 2’s seal represents a block of rock and carving tools. The district’s public appearance is stone quarries, but it also makes weapons, trains, and supplies Peacekeepers. This district is usually known as “the pets” of the Capitol. They are the leading supporters of the Capitol so babied and offered various extra advantages.

District 3

District 3’s main niche is standard electronics of several types, while it is famous for also producing different mechanical products including firearms and automobiles. Therefore, most of its people are technically prepared.

District 4

District 4’s market is fishing, hence many occupants have experience using tridents and nets, building fish hooks from the beginning, swimming, and discovering edible sea life. It is regarded as a Career district.

District 5

This district’s industry is currently unknown. Little else is known about this district.

District 6

This district’s industry is currently unknown. Little else is known about this district. But in the 75th hunger games, the district 6 tributes are known to be morphing addicts.

District 7

It’s market is wood and lots of its occupants to have experience of axes, hatchets, saws, and various tree cutting tools.

District 8

District 8’s primary sector is the creation of fabrics, and so they possess at least one factory that is mainly utilized for producing Peacekeeper outfits. It was the pioneer district to rebel soon after Katniss Everdeen sparked the revolution.

District 9

It is Panem’s bread bowl, providing the residents of Panem the agricultural harvest they require to keep growing as a nation. Its amber waves of grain are a motivation to people.

District 10

Livestock is District 10’s specialty. This region increases good, healthy livestock, which turns into the meat that will help the residents of Panem bring up healthy, and strong children.

District 11

District 11’s niche is agriculture–fields of grain, orchards, and cotton surround the district. All kinds of things harvested is delivered right to the Capitol. It is among the poorest districts in Panem, second just to District 12. Additionally, it is among the districts in which the Peacekeepers are the strictest.

District 12

District 12 is situated somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. Its primary sector is coal mining. Furthermore, the district has got the distinction of being among the poorest districts, if not the overall poorest, in all of Panem. Soon after the unexpected closing of the 75th Hunger Games and during the beginning time of the 2nd Rebellion, District 12 was razed by the Capitol, with firebombs.

District 13

District 13 is among the thirteen districts of Panem. Its market was nuclear weaponry. The district has become uninhabitable. Because the surface of District 13 stays uninhabitable and scarred, its people live deep underground, hidden away from the eyes of the Capitol as well as the world. The Capitol left District 13 alone, and none of its people take part in the Games since they are not ruled by Panem.

Final Thought:

The Capitol should watch its back. By themselves, many of those districts are weak and poor. But collectively, they’re a revolution.


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