Third Quarter Quell’s Hunger Games Arena Map as Described in Catching Fire

A very talented and artistic user from DeviantArt, alternatecoppa, have created an amazing map of the Hunger Games during the 3rd Quarter Quell, otherwise known as the 75th Hunger Games. If you’ve read the books, you know that the arena of the 3rd Quarter Quell in Catching Fire is quite different from the usual Hunger Games. Since it is a Quarter Quell, there are surprises. One of the surprises for this period, apart from the selection of former Hunger Games victors as new tributes, is the clock-designed arena. Here is a map of the 3rd Quarter Quell Hunger Games arena as perceived by:

Note: Click Download to see the full size of the image and to read the text properly.

Here is what the author has to say to the creation.
The thing I loved most about Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire (sequel to The Hunger Games) was the new arena she created to throw her characters into. It’s symmetrical, therefore easy to map out, extremely creative in it’s “clock-trap” concept, and far more detailed in it’s environmental descriptions & feature locations than the arena described in the first book. Therefore, more map-able! I felt I better do just that right now before a movie comes out and eclipses this version which I’ve based solely on the novel’s literary description.
I created the overall topography of the map, both endless jungle and beach with sea zone through assembly of real satellite photos pulled from Google Earth. It was actually a lot harder to pull off than the idea first seemed to make it. I had to locate beach & sea features such as atolls to help contribute to the curved edges of the beach line and stitch it all together in a way that didn’t cheaply repeat. However I knew using real photos was the only way I knew I’d be satisfied with achieving a realistic “Google Map” style for the final look.
I promise you I have done my homework on this map! Both distances, topographical features & their placements all correspond as best they can to the text presented in the novel, though I concede this is a fictional place and of course an error could have been made on my part by missing some small detail. I fully welcome friendly pointers/debate/corrections on the layout. I made extensive notes on all descriptive references in the novel to the arena along with what page numbers in the book that they appear on. I’d be happy to provide any detail of choice and page number I found it on if anything is suspected to be incorrect. I was actually going to type them all up and post them right here but while it may be hard to believe from looking at this thing, I do have a life 😀 and I really do need to get back to it at some point soon.
Only two numerical distinctions I have made on the map are the product of my (educated) guess work and deduction based on what’s written in book and not from direct mention by the author. I have very detailed and thought-out reasons for making the decisions I did when factoring them and again instead of writing a book about it all I think I’ll wait and see if anyone catches on to them and then go from there. 😉