Find Out Who Designed Effie’s Dress in Catching Fire

The designer of Effie’s lavender dress in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was revealed in a recent report from Entertainment Weekly. The designer is none other than Alexander McQueen. The outfit was part of the Fall 2012 colletion of the popular fashion house.

“The future’s usually shown as stark and cold. I wanted lightness, the sense that the dresses were hovering,” McQueen creative director Sarah Burton told when the collection debuted last March. Burton used voluminous shapes and patterns that would organically “explode” as the runway show progressed as a means of celebrating “a beautiful future, positivity, optimism.”

Effie and Katniss’ Dresses in Their Capitol Couture Portraits Are Inspired by Alexander McQueen

Yahoo! Lifestyle UK and Ireland has reported that the dresses worn by Katniss and Effie on their respective Capitol Couture portraits were inspired by the creations of popular fashion houses Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. 
Sarah Burton OBE designed the red dress on the left, which is very similar to the one worn by Elizabeth Banks as Effie on the right. Burton also designed the wedding dress of Kate Middleton.

The one being worn by Jennifer Lawrence for the Capitol Couture portrait below (right) was similar to ones created by the Alexander McQueen fashion house. This is also part of the AW11 collection and was presented at Paris Fashion Week.

On the other hand, the one worn by Katniss during their victory tour (not the portrait) was also inspired by other Brit fashion house, which is Christopher Kane.

The fashion designer for Catching Fire is Trish Summerville (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).