Extras Needed for Catching Fire in Atlanta

If you wanted to become part of The Hunger Games history, read this! According to a recent report from Access Atlanta, women and men ages 18 to 35 of all ethnicities are needed for the reshoots of Catching Fire in Atlanta on April 20, 2013 (Saturday). If you are interested, kindly email three pictures of yourself along with height, weight, age and phone number to IdiomReshootsATL@gmail.com. Please put your age, gender and ethnicity in the subject line. The location of the shoot and the scene are not mentioned.
Catching Fire was  shot at Georgia World Congress Center, the Goat Farm Arts Center and the Atlanta History Center’s Swan House last year.

Catching Fire Set Photos Leaked – The Victory Tour, Quarter Quell, and District 6 and District 12 Reaping

A lot of Catching Fire set photos have been leaked today. The photos revealed the Victory Tour stage and there’s also the Quarter Quell stage. We get to see Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Woody Harrelson at the Victory Tour stage but they are not wearing their real costume. I think this is a rehearsal for an upcoming shoot. Jennifer Lawerence is also seen wearing a robe to hide her costume. By the way, the Victory Tour stage is filmed at the Delkab Peachtree Airport in Atlanta. This is a small airport and not the major one in Atlanta.
Note: Click on the photo to view in full size.

Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson victory tour set, Catching Fire

the trailers outside the airport
Thanks to Twitter user SCtoGA1121 for this photo.
There were also some pictures that revealed the XXVII banners in the stage,meaning the 75th Hunger Games. The set is still filmed at the same airport. They are using the same stage but changed different banners for the set maybe to save cost. The photos below is still unclear if it is a Reaping set or not because usually, Reapings are done in the Justice Building.

 The above photos were from various Instagram users via Hypabale. Thanks guys, you know who you are. 

On the other hand, Hypable also released exclusive photos of Catching Fire set, which is still at the said airport. They are claiming that these photos are scenes from the District 6 Reaping. Like what I said, Reapings are done in the Justice Building and I don’t know why they are thinking that it is a set for the District 6 Reaping. Perhaps, this an added scene that is not stated on the book. We all know that it is not really necessary to follow everything that is written on the book because books and films are different in their own ways. 
You can see at the photos below the unnamed tributes from District 6 (Transportation),which are to be played by Justin Hix and Megan Hayes. 

Megan Hayes and Justin Hix, District 6 tributes

 On the other hand, there were also photos of Catching Fire set tents and the alleged District 12 Reaping set. Here are the photos
Thanks to various users who sent these (via thehob.org).
a Capitol vehicle (believed to be filmed at Pratt-Pullman Yard)

believed to be from a District 12 set

Celebuzz Confirmed that Catching Fire’s Victor Village Might Be Filmed in Atlanta

According to Celebuzz, the set for the Victor Village (the place that is provided by the Capitol for the winners of the Hunger Games) might be filmed in Atlanta. Celebuzz has claimed that lots of scouts have been considering the state (which has also been the filming locations for The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting) to shot some major scenes in Catching Fire. It is not yet clear if Lionsgate will still use North Carolina for some Distirct 12 scenes. Still, there has been no official announcements yet from Lionsgate on the exact filming locations as well as for casting major roles in the sequel. So far, Philip Seymour Hoffman has been officially in as head gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Mockingjay will be split in two parts and will be released in November 2014 and November 15, respectively.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Will Be Filmed in Atlanta From July to December

According to Access Atlanta, the sequel to the blockbuster hit “The Hunger Games” will be filmed in metro Atlanta from July to December. If their source is true, official casting announcements might be underway. Here is Access Atlanta’s statement:
The Hunger Games” sequel will film in the Atlanta area this summer through winter, according to a well-placed source with direct knowledge of the project.
“Catching Fire,” the second of the Hunger Games trilogy, will film July through December in metro Atlanta and beyond, our source says.
Excited already?