Behind the Scene Images from The Hunger Games DVD Special Features

Here are several slideshows of behind the scenes images in making the Hunger Games. These pics were taken from the special features of the Hunger Games DVD. Enjoy.

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Arena

HG BTS – Arena

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Reaping

HG BTS – The Reaping

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Capitol/Control Room

HG BTS – Capitol Shots/Control Room

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Crew/Random

HG BTS – Crew & Random

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – District 12(including the Bread Scene/Woods

HG BTS – District 12

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – Designs & Concepts Including the Creatures (Mutts & Tracker Jackers)

HG BTS – Designs & Concepts

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Interview

HG BTS – The Interview

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Training Center/Actor Training

HG BTS – Training Center/Actors Training

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Weapons

HG BTS – Weapons

Cinna’s Squad Behind the Scenes in Making The Hunger Games

Nelson Ascencio, who plays Flavius (one of Katniss’ prep team member under Cinna’s supervision), has shared some behind the scenes images when making the Hunger Games. You can see more images at his Facebook page.

Octavia, Venia, Flavius, Portia
Video: ‘The Hunger Games’ exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip Josh Hutcherson’s Hunger Games Training Jennifer Lawrence on her Hunger Games training/stunts Jennifer Lawrence on Wearing the Mockingjay Pin Isabelle Fuhrman on her knife training as Clove: Jen, Alex, Jackie and Isabelle talks about bonding on set (Access Hollywood)

Hunger Games DVD Behind the Scene Clip Exclusive from E!: Jennifer Lawrence Talks on Getting the Role of Katniss

E! has an exclusive clip from the upcoming “The Hunger Games” DVD, which will be out on the 18th of August 2012. In the clip, Jennifer Lawrence talks about accepting the role of Katniss Everdeen. She discusses her fear of getting into a huge studio movie and how her mom motivated her to do what she wanted to do and getting over fear. Click here to watch the clip at E! (it’s not embeddable).

Note: You can click the image and be redirected to the video.

The Hunger Games Fireball Scene Behind the Scene Clip Revealed at the 2012 Comic Con International in San Diego

An exclusive behind the scene clip of the fireball scene in “The Hunger Games” was released during the 2012 Comic Con in San Diego, California. The video shows us the concept of the fireball scene and how Jennifer Lawrence, director Gary Ross and the rest of the team dealt with the hotness of the real fire. The clip will be included in “The Hunger Games” DVD/Bluray, which will be released on August 18 in the US.

I included some screenshots of the video. You can watch it at EW here. It’s not embeddable. 

Hunger Games DVD/Bluray Special Features Preview: A Glimpse on Some Behind the Scenes Footages

A preview (about 1:18 min) of the special features of the Hunger Games DVD/Bluray (which is to be released on the 18th of August in the US) has been released by EW  The sad thing is that the video can’t be embedded so I suggest you to visit here to see the trailer. According to them:
Listen to Josh Hutcherson talk about “powerful” Jennifer Lawrence, and get the inside scoop on the training the Tribute actors had to go through to make the arena fighting realistic.
Here are some screenshots:

The Hunger Games Behind The Scene Video, Exclusively from Target

Target recently revealed a more than a minute long video featuring some behind the scenes in making “The Hunger Games” movie. It features more on the camaraderie of the cast especially the tributes despite the fact that they have to kill one another in the movie. Below is a screencap, Target didn’t allow its video to be embedded but you can see it on their page. Once you click on the screenshot below, click on the EXCLUSIVE video in the left side.

Below are some animated GIF of the video. I found this set on Tumblr via theeverlarks.