Behind the Scene Images from The Hunger Games DVD Special Features

Here are several slideshows of behind the scenes images in making the Hunger Games. These pics were taken from the special features of the Hunger Games DVD. Enjoy. The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Arena HG BTS – Arena The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes – The Reaping HG BTS – The Reaping…

Cinna’s Squad Behind the Scenes in Making The Hunger Games

Nelson Ascencio, who plays Flavius (one of Katniss’ prep team member under Cinna’s supervision), has shared some behind the scenes images when making the Hunger Games. You can see more images at his Facebook page. Octavia, Venia, Flavius, Portia

The Hunger Games Behind the Scenes Videos (from Various Sources)

Following are some behind the scenes videos that will be included in “The Hunger Games” DVD, which will be released widely on August 18. These vids are from different sources like CNN and Enjoy. Lenny Kravitz on playing Cinna from Extra (thanks to Hunger Games Trilogy) video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player   CNN: Willow…

Hunger Games DVD/Bluray Exclusive Video: The Making of the Capitol

IGN has released an exclusive clip about the making of the Capitol which will be included on the special features of “The Hunger Games” DVD/Bluray. Watch the video below and learn how Gary Ross and the rest of the team bring out the Capitol based on Suzanne Collin’s imagination.

Hunger Games Behind the Scenes Pics from has released some exclusive behind the scenes images in making “The Hunger Games.” These images were part of “The Hunger Games” Bluray. You can already pre-order them Amazon, Target, etc. Note: Click on the image to view it in its full size.

The Hunger Games Behind The Scene Video, Exclusively from Target

Target recently revealed a more than a minute long video featuring some behind the scenes in making “The Hunger Games” movie. It features more on the camaraderie of the cast especially the tributes despite the fact that they have to kill one another in the movie. Below is a screencap, Target didn’t allow its video…