Katniss Everdeen on Capitol Couture’s Profile

Our beloved mockingjay is on the spotlight of the recent issue released by The Capitol Couture. Found out more about the photoshoot at http://capitolcouture.pn/post/64224737863/katniss-everdeen-combustible-district-12s and check out some photos below.

Plutarch Heavensbee at the Capitol Couture Spotlight – New Still

In the recent entry of Capitol Couture, Third Quarter Quell (75th Hunger Games) head gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee (to be portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman) has was able to share his ideas on the upcoming Games. Also, you get to see him and his fellow gamemakers in a new still. A snippet from his profile at…

Caesar Flickerman Capitol Couture Feature

In the recent issue of Capitol Couture, Caesar Flickerman, the flamboyant interview host, was featured. Caesar flashes his smile like no one else in the Capitol.

Capitol Couture Fashion Posters

Capitol Couture, the fashion blog of the Capitol, has released two new posters featuring the future of fashion. Check them out below:

Finnick Odair Capitol Couture Portrait

A new still featuring the very stunning victor from District 4, Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin), was featured in the latest issue of the Capitol Couture profile. The victor is wearing his interview attire. Are you excited to see the movie in November?

Cinna Capitol Couture Spotlight for Catching Fire

Our favorite stylist Cinna (the man who set the Girl on Fire) has been featured on the latest post from Capitol Couture.  As Capitol Couture says: For Cinna, fashion isn’t simply a career. It’s a calling. “I always channel my emotions into my work,” he says. When it was announced that he would be styling…

Find Out Who Designed Effie’s Dress in Catching Fire

The designer of Effie’s lavender dress in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was revealed in a recent report from Entertainment Weekly. The designer is none other than Alexander McQueen. The outfit was part of the Fall 2012 colletion of the popular fashion house. “The future’s usually shown as stark and cold. I wanted lightness, the…