Catching Fire Character Posters of Victors

November is almost near and Lionsgate has a huge surprise to all tributes! Below are the character posters of the victors that will compete one another for the 75th Hunger Games or the Third Quarter Quell.  Note: This page will be updated as soon as new character posters are released. District 1 –  Cashmere and…

Capitol Couture Portraits – Effie and Caesar

Guys, here are the portraits released by Capitol Couture. Do you remember the one with the chair with the hashtage #ladiesfirst? The date mentioned was March 4 and so the first portrait to appear was Effie Trinket sitting on the green chair! The next one was Caesar Flickerman sitting on a old whitish chair. I…

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Official Posters

Below are some posters from “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Click on the image to see it in full size. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Official Movie Poster(s) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Propaganda Poster (s) Capitol Couture Portraits Capitol Couture Profile

Catching Fire Fan-Made Character Posters (Totally Amazing)

Here are different Catching Fire character posters made by amazing fans! Most of them were from my favorite Nikola-Nickart. This guy is really talented. If I’m not mistaken he’s from Germay. You can also follow him in Deviant Art.