Catching Fire Filming Update: Atlanta Filming to Wrap Up by the End of November, Crew is Already Preparing for Hawaii Shoot

Russ Bowen, a news anchor from North Carolina and a reliable source of filming info, has recently tweeted that filming in Atlanta for Catching Fire might end on November 20, 2012, adding that staff and crew are already preparing for the Oahu, Hawaii shoot. The scheduled travel for the Hawaii shoot, according to Bowen, will be on November 26. For our friends at Hawaii, here are some potential filming locations for Catching Fire in Oahu. These include the Waiehee and Heeia State Parks, Kawela Bay, and Paradise Park. 

On the other hand, OLV has reported that the crew is done filming the Tribute Parade scene at the Atlanta Motor Speedway last week. Moreover, news has it that they are already filming the cornucopia scene at “the Beach” of Clayton County International Park.

Catching Fire Filming Update: New Set Pics at Marriot Marquis Plus the Tribute Parade Filming

--> Hello everyone I got some updates about the Catching Fire filming in Georgia for you. On Location Vacation has shared us another photos of the Marriott Marquis set in downtown Atlanta, this time, the set is added with green carpet along the path to a stage. Here are the pics. You can view the previous set photos here

OLV also added that Catching Fire might be filmed at the old Pratt-Pullman Yard on Rogers Street, Northeast Atlanta. Here is a pic of the Pratt-Pullman Yard. Based on it, it looks like some of the scenes of District12 might be shot here. What do you think?

 On the other hand, we got some scoop on the filming of the Tribute Parade. Thanks to Hunger Games Trilogy (via Peachyscoop and Jacob Bean) for sharing us the news that the filming will take place from October 16-20, 2012.

..and on the other hand, some Tweeter users from Atlanta have some scoop about the filming. According to Michael Campbell (via

Peachyscoop also shared some info about Catching Fire filming in Atlanta. The user is giving us tips about the filming of District 11 near I20 and 75. 

New Photo of the Justice Building for Catching Fire Revealed

Jeff Holmes posted a pic on his Twitter of the almost finished Justice Building for Catching Fire in Atlanta. Previously, an image of an unfinished Justice Building has also spread on the net. You can see this picture here (at the bottom of the page). He revealed that the Reaping scene will be filmed at the Goat Farm. You can learn more about the Catching Fire filming locations by visiting this page.

the Justice Building in Goat Farm, Atlanta

What do you think? You think that the Reapings for other districts other than 12 will also be filmed?

Catching Fire to Film in Clayton County International Park

The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) has recently published an article on their website about the positive economic impact of filming Catching Fire on their state. The recent press release revealed that Catching Fire will be filmed in a man-made water park known as “The Beach” in Clayton County’s International Park. “The Beach” was the beach volleyball venue for the 1996 Olympics. Accordingly, “The Beach” is already transformed for the Catching Fire set. The filming will took place from October to November 2012.
Here are a couple of images of “The Beach” at the Clayton County International Park from different sources. I do not own any of these images. Looking at the pictures, I can already see that they will film the Cornucopia bloodbath here.