Jena Malone Talks About Auditioning in Catching Fire

In a recent article at Vulture, Jena Malone talked about his audition as Johanna Mason as well as in shooting the elevator scene. Check it out below:

Francis has said that a lot of the actresses who auditioned for Johanna just came in and played her as a bitchy girl, but that you came in and seemed genuinely mad. You actually intimidated him. Were you mad? What did you do?

Before the audition, I was like, Fuck, I’m so not an angry person. I mean, I can do intimidating or whatever, a little bit. But I’m much more of a happy-go-lucky, make everyone feel comfortable [person]. Anger’s not something you can fake. It’s something that channels through you, out of nowhere. It’s a hard thing to control. So I was like, Fuck, this is going to be a little complicated, and I don’t wanna go in there and give him something fake and ridiculous. And so, I don’t know what happened, but the morning I woke up, everything started pissing me off. My alarm didn’t go off right; someone called me at five in the morning. I got out of bed on the wrong side of the bed. And I was like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s happening? And I was like, Oh, wait. She’s totally taking over. And so by the time I got to the audition, I was so pissed off. And they were like 30 minutes late, some actor was in there before me, he kept coming out and putting his headphones on and then going back in. And I was like,Jesus, this guy. They’re, like, coddling everybody. He’s trying to cry, he can’t cry. I was so pissed off. They’re wasting my time. By the time I was in there, I was seething; I was frothing at the mouth. I don’t even think I said hello to Francis. I just walked in and said, “Tell me when you want me to start.”

It’s crazy to think some of the younger Catching Fire fans might not have even heard of Stepmom.
No, but it’s so not true! Going on this mall tour, every other girl that came up, she’s like, “Donnie Darko’s my favorite” or “Stepmom’s my favorite.” It really gives you a belief in the eternal shelf-life of film. That’s what’s so exciting about being in the film industry: If something doesn’t stick right away, it can still affect an audience in 20 years, 50 years, 100 years.

Going back to Catching Fire, there are already GIFs of you stripping in the elevator. Not sure if you knew that.
No, I didn’t! And by the way, I didn’t even know what GIFs were. My little sister has been trying to teach me about, like, memes and GIFs. Now I’m kind of obsessed with them.

I love how the face Jennifer Lawrence makes seems more like a Jennifer Lawrence reaction than a Katniss reaction. Not to suggest that she’s not doing a good job acting, but —
Yeah, like I almost pulled her out of herself for one second.

You obviously haven’t shaved your head yet, so does that mean you’re not going to have to for Mockingjay, or you haven’t started shooting your part yet?
I haven’t started filming yet; I start in December. Johanna doesn’t come in until the middle of the Mockingjay novel, so she’s off being tortured. It’s so funny, whilst doing the press tour, that was also like my research tour. Because I start [shooting], like, next week. So I was like, Fuck, basically I get off the press tour and then have to shoot. So I was reading all of these things on torture and thinking all this dark, deep, intense shit … while I’m wearing high heels, hugging these 15-year-old girls.

Trish Summerville Talks about the Costume in Catching Fire Including Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta’s

MTV has got the chance to talk with costume designer Trish Summerville for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Find out how she managed to dress Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and other characters of Catching Fire. She also mentioned her experiences working with director Francis Lawrence.

MTV: Having worked on both “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and “Catching Fire,” how do these two experiences compare?

Trish Summerville: I feel so fortunate that I’ve gotten to work on these films and with these really incredible actors. Both the Lisbeth character and the Katniss character are such strong, fierce, fiery, smart women, and as actors, both Rooney [Mara] and Jen [Lawrence] are forces to be reckoned with. They’re really solid actors. They have so much range, and they are also really down-to-earth, kind, compassionate and hilariously funny women. I feel really lucky.
MTV: How do you channel that energy into the costuming?

Summerville: For Katniss, we have a base to go from — what the first film was — and we keep the hunting jacket and the hunting boots to bring her into the second film. But it’s also working with the progression of her character in this next segment. She is much more mature. She’s been through so much in her life, so you do see that change in her clothing, and I think there’s the thing of her and Cinna — they have this relationship where they understand each other. So even when she’s in Victors’ Village, where now she has money and clothing, she still wants to stay a woman of the people. So even though she has these new clothes, it still was quite relevant to who Katniss is. And then as we have that progression of her going through the victory tour, you see it start to bump up a little bit, and the closer we get to the Capitol, that’s when she has the most fashion-forward pieces. So it’s just trying to show that transition of her maturity.

And the same with Josh and the Peeta character. He’s in more suits this time. She’s dressed up more, but he, if you watch, he always kind of has the same work boots, but it’s cleaned up. But then it progresses into more of a fashion shoe. So there’s certain things for them that because they have a voice of their own now, they have a little influence over what they’re wearing. But it does fit into what the Capitol stylists give them to wear.

MTV: You and director Francis Lawrence both have music video backgrounds. Is that how you got involved?

Summerville: I think that’s how I got the call. It was from him, and we did videos together in the past, and one of my favorite videos is still one of the videos I did with him for Pink. I think it helped in a sense because we have that like-mindedness. It’s interesting. We [the stunt coordinator and I] were on the set one day, and we were shooting something, and he looked at me, and he’s like, “You don’t just come from film.” I go, “Why?” He goes, “Because you think outside the box. I don’t even think you think inside the box.” … I’ve done editorial. I’ve done fashion. I’ve done celebrity dressing. I’ve done music videos. All that, I think, helps round out how my mind frame works for approaching a project. With Francis, it was great because we do have that common interest.

MTV: I’d like to talk about a few pieces in particular, starting with the wedding dress. The description in the book is a little different, so what was your jumping-off point?

Summerville: Well, for the wedding dress, at one point, I was terrified because I think in the book it says there are 18 dresses that come. And I thought, “Oh my god. How are we going to get 18 wedding dresses that fit this?” In the script, with the time frame, we shot one dress. For that, a couple of years ago, I found this designer, Tex Saverio. who’s from Jakarta. I was really drawn to the designs that he did and just hoped one day this would be something. I thought, honestly, I thought more like, I’ll do an editorial where I can run that, because you can be much more free and extreme. When this project came along, and I knew that we needed this wedding dress, he was kind of one of my go-to people.

We had some Skype meetings, and I had an illustrator do an illustration taking a few different parts of dresses he’d done and compiled them together with the color scheme we needed and changed up fabrications for our practical reasons. He and I had these Skype meetings back and forth, and he was so great and so fast. He’d be like, “Let me sketch something, and I’ll call you back.” And a few hours later, I’d get an email of some kind of modified sketch.

[I explained] to him how I needed the cage to kind of have the inflection of fire going up around her face and doing crystals on that and what color the crystals should be and then having these laser-cut feathers put on, so that it’s subtle… And then with that, the fabrication of the skirt could be — we needed all this volume, but we needed it to rise when she starts to spin around. And that was a little bit perplexing for him because his dresses are so many layers, and he does a very couture type of work… It’s not really for function. It’s just for your day and beauty and a gown. And he was just great. And then on the first day, we tried the dress on her, and we had her spin, and it was like this “Ahhhhhhhh.”

MTV: And Finnick’s tribute parade outfit is going to be a little different as well? Not just a strategically placed knot of fishing net?

Summerville: You know, we’re PG-13. [laughs] We went to Suzanne to see if this is something we have a little liberty to change, because in your mind, you can imagine that as grand as you can, but to try to take that on to film, it doesn’t work sometimes. What we ended up deciding on was keeping true to the net. It’s a fishing net. It’s made of gold fabric. It’s knitted-together net, and I made him kind of a kilt. It’s more like a gladiator-type skirt, so he has that on, and it’s belted, and he has the shells on his neck, which he keeps the whole time. My backstory between Sam and I was that Annie — who he had to leave — it’s this necklace that Annie’s made for him so that she’s always with him when he’s away. He keeps it on the whole time … He was really relieved he has a longer skirt, and he kind of has tights underneath and kind of substantial boots. He’s bare-chested, and he worked really hard to get into amazing shape … I think it’s much more interesting than just the net. It would have been a little too Chippendales.

MTV: What was your favorite costume?

Summerville: I’m saying a different one [each time]. There are so many that I love. One of the ones that I haven’t mentioned so far that I love is Josh’s interview costume, and it’s the one that’s supposed to be his wedding tuxedo mirrored to Katniss’ wedding dress. It’s by a designer named Juunj. It’s a Korean designer, and I love it because I love the architecturalness of the jacket. It’s three-dimensional, the lapel. So the way it reads, part of it juts out. And then he has a metal-stand collar. That’s like a tuxedo collar inside of his shirt, and then he has a metal pocket square. So it’s like really high-gloss metal. It’s this hardness and softness of Peeta, which I think we start to see in his transition of his character. He mans it up in this one. He’s tougher. He’s fighting for Katniss and his life and his family, so I like the softness of the white that he has with these metal aspects.

Video: Google Hangout Global Chat with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cast and Fans

Here’s the video of the recent Google hangout session of the director/cast and international fans (very lucky fans) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

What they’ve talked about:

  • favorite scene in Catching Fire (cast)
  • visual approach to Catching Fire as compared to The Hunger Games (director Francis)
  • things Jen couldn’t live without
  •  intense scene shot in CF (Liam)
  • most emotional scene to shoot (cast)
  • skills to show off to the gamemakers and their scores (cast)
  • strangest fan encounter (Josh)
  • other inspiration in filming Catching Fire (director Francis)
  • what timezone they will choose in the Catching Fire arena – blood rain, fog, lightning (cast)
  • faithfullness of Catching Fire movie to the book
  • favorite set to film in Catching Fire (cast)
  • what would they ask if they met their character to life
  • who’s better kisser Josh or Liam (Jen)
  • what inspires them to read Catching Fire
  • what it felts like to shoot the monkey scene
  • being nervous in shooting scenes (Josh)
  • Haymitch on protecting Peeta and Katniss (Jen/director Francis)
  • being punked on Catching Fire set (cast)
  • who’s voice is going to be used if they are trapped in the jabberjay scene (cast)
  • getting along with the new cast
  • physical training for Catching Fire
  • and a lot more

Willow Shields Talks About Prim in Catching Fire

We are Movie Geeks (WAMG) has talked to Willow Shields and the actress was able to gush about Catching Fire as well as the maturity of her character Prim in the movie.

WAMG: What was it like making the second Hunger Games film?
WS: It’s exciting. I’m not as nervous as I was when I was making the first film. I know the cast already and everyone’s welcoming and knows each other, which is convenient. My character is getting a bit bigger so I’m a bit nervous about that.
WAMG: Does your character have a more prominent role?
WS: There’s going to be four films, so Prim’s role is going to get bigger and bigger.
WAMG: How much bigger is the role in the second film than the first?
WS: Just a little bigger now, but by the third film, it will have developed quite a bit more.
WAMG: Have you started filming parts three and four yet?
WS: Not yet. I’m not sure when we’re starting those. It’s in pre-production now. We’ve been doing some costume fittings and stuff.
WAMG: Was the second film also filmed in North Carolina like the first?
WS: No, it was filmed in Atlanta and Hawaii.
WAMG: Why was that?
WS: The second story’s games take place in a tropical arena so they went to Hawaii.
WAMG: Are you good friends with Jennifer Lawrence? Are you guys like sisters in real life?
WS: Yeah! We hung out at the premiere and recently and Comic-Con

WAMG: And you have a new director with part 2. What’s the difference between the directorial style of Francis Lawrence and Gary Ross, who directed the first one?
WS: There isn’t really much of a difference. The fans loved the first movie and Francis did a terrific job on the second. I loved working with Gary Ross but Francis was great too. He was really welcoming to the whole cast and I’m sure the fans will love the second movie as well.
WAMG: Have you ever met Suzanne Collins (the author of the Hunger Games novels), and if so, what did she have to say to you about the character of Prim?
WS: I’ve met her two or three times and she’s super-sweet. She told me the first I met her that I was the perfect Prim and that she couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. She has such a love for writing and it’s fun just to talk to her about her writing and she was super-excited that I was cast.
WAMG: I haven’t read the books. Do you think she’ll ever write a fourth or fifth book, or has the story pretty much ended?
WS: No, the story is over. She’s not going to write another one.
WAMG: Are there some big stars that are in the second movie that were not in the first movie?
WS: Yeah, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is new to the series. A few others.
WAMG: Did a lot of girls audition for the role of Prim?
WS: I don’t know. The director told me that he was really excited that I had the role and that he had auditioned quite a few actresses for it and that I was definitely the perfect one, but I never heard how many girls actually tried out for the part.

WAMG: Do you have some other movie roles coming up that you have committed to?
WS: I have one that I’m committed to right now, but I’m not sure when they are going to start filming.
WAMG: There’s a lot of violence towards teenagers in the Hunger Games films. Was that something you or your parents were concerned about?
WS: No, that wasn’t an issue. When you read the books, at least for me, it’s not so much about the violence at all. I mean there’s that idea there, but there’s so many other aspects to the story, like how Catniss is fighting for her family, how there’s Pita and Gayle and all these different things so you’re not thinking about the violence so much.
WAMG: Have you seen the new movie?
WS: I have seen it and I’m getting ready to go to the London and L.A. premieres. I knew it was going to be incredible, but it’s just a great movie.
WAMG: Better than the first one?
WS: No, there are different aspects to each movie that make them different. They’re both equally incredible.
WAMG: Are you getting recognized a lot? Any weird encounters with fans?
WS: I’m getting recognized but not a ton. I haven’t had any weird encounters though sometimes little girls will recognize me and cry.
WAMG: You’re on the cover of the new Seventeen Magazine. What was that like?
WS: It was fun! I got to go to New York for the first time which was amazing. It turned out great and I’m excited!
WAMG: Good luck with HUNGER GAMES CATCHING FIRE and enjoy the rest of your visit to St. Louis
WS: Thank you!

Bruno Gunn Talks About His Training for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Bruno Gunn, who will play District 2 tribute Brutus, has talked about his training and being part of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with Here’s an excerpt of his interview below:

First off, can you share a little about your experience filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? Did you feel a fellowship with your co-stars? Was there competition behind the scenes as well?

I made great memories, new friends, and together we got to travel around the country and make this amazing film. The only competition was on the dance floor and Josh Hutcherson by far had the best moves.

Tell us about your character Brutus. What did you do to prepare to get in the head space to play him?

As a former Victor in one of the richest districts (Two) in Panem, Brutus was afforded a privileged lifestyle. He’s a fierce warrior who was groomed for the Arena. I immediately related to Brutus’ fiery competitive nature. It was also important for me to create a personal back story for him and let that influence what was otherwise a very physical role.

Did you read any of the books before your audition? Do you think the movie will satisfy fans of the book?

Before I auditioned for the role? No. I only knew it was a phenomenon. I got the news I was cast as Brutus in between connecting flights to Italy. Nine hours on a plane with this life-changing news and I couldn’t share it with anyone. Let’s just say I threw myself a small celebration on the plane. I picked them up immediately and they were the best books I ever read. I was immediately immersed in the world. The fans will be very happy.

Obviously you are no stranger to the big screen, but how are you dealing with the fandom of Hunger Games? It is quite a phenomenon. How do you anticipate the release of the movie will impact you personally? Have you given any thought on how best to handle it?

They are well-read, intelligent and creative fans who have a passion for reading. They love Suzanne Collins and pore over every line of her story. It’s been a completely positive experience. It’s great hearing people tell me that they’re discovering some of my earlier work and am excited for them to see future projects.

How much, if any, physical training was involved in the making and preparing of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?

A highlight of my experience on Catching Fire was the intense two months of training leading up to the film with the stunt team at Eighty-Seven Eleven. A lot of hours and preparation were put in learning martial arts, how to use a spear and choreographing fight scenes. The workouts were exhilarating and exhausting.

Speaking of training, your twitter has a very positive trend of motivation and training. How important is health and fitness to you? Can you share a bit on your philosophy on this and let us know what role health and/or fitness plays in your life?

I played a lot of different sports, so physical fitness has always been important to me. I teamed up with a great professional fitness coach in Los Angeles, Drew Logan. Although I’ve trained hard my whole life, the deciding factor was learning the importance of nutrition and the body working as a machine. Drew taught me the science of food, it all starts and ends with nutrition. You have to make smart food choices. It took me to a whole new level of performance. I maintain a physique we like to call “Home Base” by carefully managing my workouts and nutrition…so that I could gain or lose 5-10lbs if needed in a short time for any role, but oh, that’s not easy…‘cause I love chocolate éclairs.

Find out more about his interview at

Megan Hayes (District 6 Victor/Morphling Girl) Talks About Her Training in Catching Fire

In an interview with Dread Central, actress Megan Hayes, talks about her strict diet in preparation for her role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as the victor of District 6, a.k.a. The Morphling Girl.

DC: Can you talk about your experience on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and explain who the Morphlings are for those who don’t know?

MH: I don’t know how much I can say. I am the tribute from District Six. The morphlings are addicted to a drug called morphling – a pain killer that’s kind of a morphine-esque kind of drug. My experience on Hunger Games couldn’t have been better. I was embraced by everyone and had a fantastic experience. It was a really fun role to play; the director [Francis Lawrence] was incredibly kind but also incredibly smart and knew exactly what he wanted. It was a really ideal experience overall.

DC: How much better was craft services on The Hunger Games then on +1?

MH: Lemme tell ya’ about craft services on The Hunger Games. I really couldn’t partake of it that much because I was on a very strict diet where I had to lose and get to a very malnourished-looking weight. So, it looked great but I basically ate a lot of almonds and a lot of fruits and veggies and that was about it.

DC: That’s kind of an interesting connection between your character in Hunger Games and then in +1 where you’re both addicts.

MH: I know! Isn’t that great? I’m not gonna lie, fingers crossed, I hope this is my new niche.