TTL Talks Inspiration Behind Beyond Fire Catching Fire Trailer Music

In a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter (THR), T.T.L. was able to gush about their Beyond Fire music, which was featured in the trailer of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. TTL was also the one who put the music with The Hunger Games trailer last year. According to TTL:

While writing the music we got inspired thinking about the sense of sacrifice, survival and revolution present in the books. It was not too hard to get into this mood, since these are issues that we are living in now, in this moment of history.

You can listen to TTL’s Beyond Fire here or purchase it at iTunes.¬†

Catching Fire Trailer Soundtrack (Listen Here)

Can’t get enough of the trailer of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? Listen to the music from the trailer from TTL or Through the Lens. These people were also behind the trailer music of The Hunger Games last year. The title is Beyond Fire and it is written and produced by Tying Tiffany and Lorenzo Montan√†. It will be available soon at ZerOkilled Music.