Jena Malone’s Training in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Johanna Mason

In the latest article from, Jena Malone’s trainer, Patrick Murphy, was able to share the actress’ training for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

Jena Malone as Johanna Mason

SHAPE: Malone has said she trained with you five days a week for two months before she even started filming. What was your plan of action to get Jena Hunger Games ready?

PM: Truth be told, I had a great canvas to start with. Our game plan was to incorporate strength and power moves into balance and agility training, with four to five workouts a week. We targeted different muscle groups on different days with varied split routines each week, determined by how Jena was feeling. We might have focused on pushing movements one day and pulling movements the next, always doing core work too. On days we weren’t doing resistance training, Jena would do high-intenstiy sprint intervals so we never hit a plateau.

SHAPE: And how did you see her body transform?

PM: Jena went from thin to lean and mean, and by the end of two months, seriously hard and ripped. She had a history of training hard—her body changed very quickly.

SHAPE: In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Johanna Mason is known for being talented with an ax, how did you incorporate that into her workout?

PM: Her character would be in “do or die” situations so her movements had to be super focused with high intensity. Exercising with resistance bands, cables, weighted bars, and dumbbells prepared her to strike with any weapon; her wrist and handgrip became super strong. After many reps and much practice she made difficult movements look easy!

SHAPE: To sustain all her effort in the gym, what type of nutritional plan did you recommend?

PM: The great news for me was learning that Jena already eats super healthy. I did some fine-tuning by asking her to eat all organic and avoid processed foods; it helped her maintain amazing energy and achieve that lean, ripped body.

SHAPE: What’s the best way for women to start integrating Malone’s training strategies into their routine?

PM: First and foremost, you need a strong mindset and the willingness to change—only then will you reach your fitness goals. Commit to becoming super fit and make it a top priority. Also, I recommend that everyone work with a fitness professional, even if it’s periodically to make sure you’re on the proper path for reaching your full potential.

Video Clip Featuring the Victors in the Training Center in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Watch an exclusive clip below from and see how the victors train for the Third Quarter Quell. Look how serious and deadly these victors are! Johanna with her axe, Gloss and Brutus with their knives and strength, Finnick with his trident, and Enobaria with her sharp teeth! Of course, Katniss is super sharp with her arrows! Who is excited to see Catching Fire this November?

Liam Hemsworth’s Catching Fire Training Regime


In the September 2012 issue of Men’s Health magazine, Liam Hemsworth (Gale) talks about his low-calorie diet and training for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
For the “Hunger Games,” Hemsworth subsisted on a low-calorie diet of lean protein, vegetables and fruit and did lots of cardio in order to lose 20 pounds off his naturally lanky frame. For the “Expendables 2,” he did the exact opposite so he could bulk up.
Fortunately, Liam enjoys the endorphin high he gets from his favorite workouts, which include boxing, running and surfing.
“I love going to the gym, sweating, running around, feeling like I’m having a heart attack,” Hemsworth says in the September 2012 issue of Men’s Health. “I like the physical side of boxing. It’s fun to punch a bag for 20 minutes, but I also feel mentally strong when I box. I feel good in my own body.”
Liam’s diet typically consists of oatmeal, fish, eggs, asparagus, and homemade chicken stir-fry with lots of chopped vegetables, and a sweet potato or brown rice to satisfy his carb cravings.
Hemsworth, whose ripped older brother Chris, has already climbed to the Hollywood A-list after starring in “Thor (2011)” and the “Avengers (2012),” is equally rugged and ripped.
Despite grappling with constant hunger pangs while training for the “Hunger Games,” Liam embraced his grueling daily workouts with Navy SEALs, which is good, since he’ll soon be shooting its sequel, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
“The Navy SEAL [training] was awesome,” gushes Hemsworth, who’s engaged to actress Miley Cyrus. “I always love hanging out with security guards or Marines—real men—because they’re the most focused, professional people.
“My trainer was a great guy who made me want to die for an hour. Training for ‘Hunger Games,’ I literally had to wait a half hour after each session before I drove anywhere. I had to lay on the ground until I could breathe properly again.”
But constantly depriving himself on a low-calorie was a struggle.
“It was tough because I’m an eater,” he says. “If I have one addiction in life, it’s probably food. [Being hungry all the time put me] in a really bad mood, with a short attention span and a short fuse.”

Source: Examiner; To read the whole interview,  head to Men’s Health.