Hunger Games’ Clove Isabelle Fuhrman Wants to be Katniss

From MTV:
Few film roles in recent memory have been as hotly contested as the bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian “Hunger Games.” 
A year ago, it seemed every working actress in Hollywood under the age of 25 was auditioning for the role of Katniss Everdeen — a part that eventually went to Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence. But director Gary Ross was able to utilize at least one would-be Katniss, namely Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays District 2’s vicious tribute Clove. 
“I saw myself as Katniss, but I think everyone does when they read the book, because that’s the character that you related to so much because you’re seeing the whole story through her eyes,” Fuhrman told MTV News recently. “From page one, I was like, ‘Oh, I want to be Katniss so badly.’ That’s what I wrote in [a] letter to Gary, how much I wanted to play Katniss. I went in and actually auditioned for her, but I was too young because I [was] 14.” 
Of course, Fuhrman said there are no hard feelings between her and Lawrence, whom she described as the “perfect” Katniss. In fact, landing the role of Clove came with the bonus of learning a new (potentially lethal) skill: knife throwing. 
“I’m not going to be modest right now: I’m very good at it, and I’m very proud of that,” Fuhrman said with a grin. “That was so hard to learn how to do, because there is a lot of physics involved with it. The knife goes three knife-lengths each rotation, and [you have to] how much force you want to put into it so it lands with the blade in versus the butt. It was difficult, to say the least, because I did training for about only two weeks before we started shooting, so I had to pick it up pretty quickly.” 
You can witness Fuhrman’s nifty knife skills when “The Hunger Games” opens Friday.

Hunger Games’ Clove Isabelle Fuhrman Chats with Seventeen

Here is an exclusive interview by Seventeen Magazine to Isabelle Fuhrman, the actress who plays Clove in the Hunger Games movie.
Seventeen: Between demonic Esther in Orphan and bloodthirsty Clove in The Hunger Games, what draws you to play such dark roles?

Isabelle Furhman: I think because the souls of dark characters are so different than good characters. When someone does something bad, you kind of have to dig deeper to figure out what it is that made them want to do that thing. I just think it’s interesting to be able to understand someone who is so different from me.

17: How did you prepare to play Clove?

IF: I actually wrote a back story for her, like a biography. I had to stick to the book as much as I could because the book has such a huge fan base and I’m such a huge fan of the book as well. I wrote about where I thought she came from, her family and how she might know Cato and other people in the Games.

17: Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?

IF: Team Katniss. I relate to her so much.

17: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

IF: The feast scene, when I attack Katniss. I got to do all my own stunts, so it was very cool to be able to put all of my training to the test. At the end of the day, Jennifer Lawrence and I were like, “Oh my God, I’m so tired!”

17: It sounds like your actual training was very similar to tribute training.

IF: It really was! We had to really be good at our own craft, so I did a ton of knife throwing and combat.

17: Did you think about your face when you filmed fight scenes? Did you want to look cute?

IF: I probably look ridiculous, but that’s a good thing – I’m supposed to look crazed and rabid. I think that worked.

17: Did you keep any mementos from the set?

IF: I wish! Although, I did learn how to flip a butterfly knife. But butterfly knives are illegal in California, so I can’t exactly get one to practice.

17: What are you going to do to celebrate the movie coming out?

IF: Everyone in the cast is going to see it together. We’ll surprise some fans at the movie theater!

Hunger Games’ Clove Actress Isabelle Fuhrman Talks to Fans Via Ustream

Katniss isn’t just the only fierce girl in the arena, there’s Clove as well. However, the two are very different from one another with Clove being the “bitch” or the bad girl who almost killed Katniss in the arena. Clove is said to be expert in knives, her ultimate weapon of choice.
Anyway, Isabelle Fuhrman, from the movie Orphan, talks via Ustream and dishes about her role as District 2 tribute Clove for the upcoming Hunger Games movie. Find out her responses to fans when she’s asked about her role, who would win between her and her co-tribute Cato in the Hunger Games, as well as other stuff you might want to know. Here is the video.