New Stills of Catching Fire Plus EW Covers of Main Characters

Below are some new stills released of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well as Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive issue of the movie.

Peeta and Katniss in the training center (Catching Fire)


Caesar Flickerman interviews Peeta

Mags and Finnick in the training center

Entertainment Weekly Covers

a behind the scene photo of Jena Malone as Johanna

an excerpt from EW’s Catching Fire exclusive:

Jennifer Lawrence on the funniest thing that happened on set of Catching Fire, on Sam being the accident-prone person, and their experiences in Hawaii.

As Lawrence tells it, there was just as much falling down on the set of Catching Fire as there was at the Oscars. “Let me tell you, Sam [Claflin, the actor who plays Finnick Odair] is the clumsiest, most accident-prone person in the world. He broke his hand within the first week. He walked into a twig, and his eye was bleeding. He fell every single scene.”

Lawrence’s co-star, Josh Hutcherson, was almost as bad. “The funniest thing that happened was when Josh got down on one knee to propose to me—and his pants ripped,” Lawrence says.

As it happens, Lawrence’s favourite memory from the Catching Fire shoot also involves falling down. “In Hawaii one night, we were having a party at Josh’s house and we all held hands and ran into the ocean,” she says. “We would run as fast as we could into the water and we’d keep running until we fell, but we were all scared because we didn’t know where the reef was because it was dark.”

Director Francis Lawrence Reveals Changes for Catching Fire

In a recent interview with EW, director Francis Lawrence has revealed some changes that were made for the film adaptation of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Despite the changes, he said that the movie will still remain true to the book.

1) “We made some changes to Peeta’s narrative,” says Lawrence. “We manned him up a little. And by the way it didn’t take a lot, just little choices to make here and there. The story doesn’t really change, his relationship with Katniss doesn’t change, he’s just a different kind of character.” For instance, in the book, the Hunger Games kicks off and Peeta is paralyzed when the other all-star tributes dive into the water. “The option is for either me drowning or sitting there like a cat batting my paw into the water,” says Josh Hutcherson with a laugh. “Either way the visual is horrible.” Easy fix: Let Peeta swim.
2) Goodbye Bonnie and Twill. In the book, Katniss stumbles upon the District 8 refugees in her father’s hunting cabin. There they reveal to a stunned Katniss the existence of District 13 and news of the spreading revolution our hero unintentionally sparked with her act of rebellion at the end of The Hunger Games. So the movie had to find a new way to introduce the news of District 13. “That’s fun,” says Lawrence, “figuring out new ways around things and new ways of doing things.”
3) Darius, we hardly know ye. District 12′s youngest peacekeeper, who pays dearly for intervening during that terrible scene of Gale’s public whipping, didn’t make the jump from page to screen. It’s another instance of storytellers having to drown one of their kittens. “It’s as agonizing for us to lose things from the book as it is for a fan,” says producer Nina Jacobson. “I want every single thing in there. But you know what? If you have to give up something in order to give more time to Katniss and Gale or to Effie as she starts to feel a conscience, you make the sacrifices in order to serve the characters and themes that are more essential.”

EW Fall Preview Scans of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Here are scans of the fall preview of Entertainment Magazine. You can also see some part of article below:

“Lionsgate knew I could handle the size of the movie and we were all in agreement of what the movie should be. It’s still really Katniss’ story-there are no diversions from her. I wanted to be true to the book and I didn’t want to reinvent it in any way. It jus needed an adaptation”. ~ Francis Lawrence

Francis Lawrence & Suzanne Collins spent 3 days last spring hammering out a new outline before screen writer Michael Arndt stepped in.

For the same of the movie, they trimmed the novels 1st third in which a traumatized Katniss is locked in an internal debate about whether she’s more to herself or the revolution she’s unwittingly sparked. The scene where she stumbles on refugees Bonnie and Twill? Cut. Or when she jumps from the trip wire fence and sprains her ankle? Gone. But the beating heart of the book remains intact , Francis Lawrence promises.

Claflin spent many hours prepping for his very first scene, where he casually ties a knot in a rope while talking to Katniss. “I wanted to do it just standing up, chatting away. I’d practice and practice for weeks in my room. I must have looked like a crazy person in my hotel room tying a noose constantly”. ~ Sam Claflin

New Hunger Games Arena Stills From EW

EW has recently posted new stills from the Hunger Games movie. The stills include Katniss and Peeta in the cave, Peeta holding his spear, Rue warning Katniss about the tracker jackers, and the Careers. Enjoy.

Another Hunger Games Exclusive at Entertainment Weekly

Is it violent?” says director Gary Ross of his PG-13 film. “Yes. Do we back off from what it is? No, we don’t.”
The March 23 release of The Hunger Games is nearly upon us. While we can’t make the clock turn any faster, we can offer fans of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling dystopian trilogy (and newcomers, too) a deep, behind-the-scenes look into the making of the film, from conception to casting, filming to marketing.
Perhaps no bit of casting news was met with greater surprise than Lenny Kravitz taking on the role of Cinna, hero Katniss Everdeen’s deeply cool and compassionate stylist. Kravitz was working on his album, living out of a trailer in the Bahamas and oblivious to the Hunger Games phenomenon, when Ross first approached him to offer him the part. The director had been moved by the musician’s gentle grace in Precious and was further intrigued by the fact that Kravitz already felt a nurturing bond with star Jennifer Lawrence, who had become close friends with his daughter Zoe during the filming of X-Men: First Class. “I love that girl,” says Kravitz. “The minute I met her she became a part of the family.”
It took one sleepless night of reading a downloaded version of The Hunger Games in his trailer for Kravitz to commit. But Woody Harrelson, who initially turned down the role of Katniss and Peeta’s sodden wreck of a mentor Haymitch, was a harder sell. “Listen, I’m nuts,” he explains. “It was just a stupid thing where I hadn’t read the books yet. I didn’t see that there was enough for me to do in the script. But then Gary called me back and said ‘You got to do this, I don’t have a second choice for the role.’ And of course flattery always gets the best of me so I read the books and really saw the depths of this guy. Holy s—, I would have been bummed to miss this.”
For more on The Hunger Games, including what you won’t see in the movie and how Jennifer Lawrence is enjoying her last few days of anonymity, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, March 2.