Catching Fire Fan-Made Character Posters (Totally Amazing)

Here are different Catching Fire character posters made by amazing fans! Most of them were from my favorite Nikola-Nickart. This guy is really talented. If I’m not mistaken he’s from Germay. You can also follow him in Deviant Art.

Hunger Games Movie Fan Art – Another Batch

Hey, what’s up guys? I know people from the fandom are already into the craze of the Finnick rumors these days but let’s just wait until Lionsgate comes up with the final decision. Anyway, here are some fan art I found on the web. I found them mostly at Tumblr. If you have a Tumblr…

Hunger Games Movie Fan Art – Must See

Here are different fan art related to the Hunger Games movie. I don’t own any of them, I found them mostly at Tumblr. Enjoy. Note: Click on the image to view in full size.

Hunger Games Trilogy Quotes in Pictures

Here are several images of different Hunger Games trilogy quotes (books and movies). I don’t own any of them, I just found them over the web. [adinserter block=”2″]   [adinserter block=”2″]       [adinserter block=”2″]          [adinserter block=”3″]          [adinserter block=”3″]        [adinserter block=”3″]    …

Cato Hunger Games Movie Fan Art

I just want to share with you a Hunger Games movie fan art featuring District 2’s tribute boy, Cato. For those who don’t know, Cato is the leader of the Careers of the 74th Hunger Games. He is fierce and brutal. His ultimate weapon is the sword. Cato will be played by Canadian actor Alexander…