Why Garrett Hedlund Didn’t Make it to Play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

Garrett Hedlund, who was among the top contenders to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire has revealed to MTV why he wasn’t able to get the role. Watch the video and find out.

“They did [approach me],” he admitted to MTV News. “But I was working on this film at the time. We shot the whole film in 23 days and I was really immersed in it. I couldn’t get around [to reading the Hunger Games novels].”
“Everybody around me is flipping out about the books, and I didn’t really have the time to sit down lately to read any book, not just Hunger Games.”
“But I’ve got a couple [projects] on my plate that I’m looking forward to reading now.”

Finnick Casting Rumors: Garrett Hedlund Did Audition for the Role/Lucas Till Is Not in the Short List

Okay this is really going crazy. If you could still remember, Zap2it has claimed that Lucas Till is among the eight actors who are shortlisted to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. However, according to our friends from The Hob.org, a source close to Lucas Till had told them that he is not in contention to play the District 4 tribute/victor. According to their source:

Lucas Till is “not in contention for the role; he’s not meeting with Lionsgate nor are there any plans for him to do so.”

Moreover, thehob.org, has added that:

And one look at Lucas’ IMDb page may explain why – he’s currently starring in and producing Wet and Reckless, then filming Paranoia (with Liam Hemsworth) and then potentially working on the X-Men sequel (with Jennifer Lawrence). Sounds like a full plate!

This also leads us to wonder if the other two names from Zap2it – Trevor Donovan and Alan Ritchson – are actually in the running for Finnick. Guess only time will tell! But sorry to break the news to the Lucas-as-Finnick supporters.

 On the other hand, our friends from Mockingjay.net (via Lainey Gossip) has shared that Garrett Hedlund, who is a fan favorite for Finnick Odair has indeed auditioned for the role.

I’m told that Hedlund auditioned for the part of Finnick in Catching Fire for director Francis Lawrence about 10 days ago. It went very well. No final decisions yet but interest in Armie Hammer seems to have waned since Hammer wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Lawrence was about him. Am told they’re still seeing people. But their priority right now isn’t so much casting as it is about getting the script in better shape.
 Can’t wait to hear from Lionsgate soon!

New Actors Added to Potential Finnick Casting Rumors: Lucas Till, Alan Ritchson, and Trevor Donovan

Lionsgate has been so silent these days despite the craze of the Finnick Odair casting in the Hunger Games fandom. Lots of entertainment websites are claiming that their sources told them about the potential actors who are in the run to play our favorite trident-wielding tribute and victor from District 4. One of those sites is Zap2it. Zap2it has claimed a few days back that their sources told them that there are no shortlist yet on who shall play Finnick. Now, they are claiming that there are already eight actors who will vye for the role including the much talked about Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund. Find out more about their statement below:

As we previously reported, however, award-winning casting director Debra Zane is not only looking at big names for the highly sought-after role. Actors read for the casting department this week, and while we can’t reveal the full list, we’ve confirmed that Lucas Till, Trevor Donovan, and Alan Ritchson are among the actors who will meet with Lionsgate over the next few days.

Till is no stranger to big franchises — or to Jennifer Lawrence. He co-starred with her as Havok in “X-Men: The First Class.” He’s also known for his role as Miley Cyrus‘ love interest in the “Hannah Montana” movie. Donovan worked as a model and is best known as Teddy from The CW’s “90210.” He will appear in “Savages” this summer. Ritchson, who played Aquaman on “Smallville,” starred on “Blue Mountain State.”

source: Zap2it

My thoughts?

There’s still rumors as long as there won’t be any official statements from Lionsgate and who knows none of these actors might get the role? Anyway, the newly added actors to the Finnick casting rumors are fair enough. I just don’t think Lucas Till is fit for Finnick because I think he’s not that tall and I think he needs more workout, which in case is impossible since the shoot might begin soon. I heard that Lucas Till auditioned for Peeta but got lost to Josh Hutcherson. 
Among the three added, I would love to see Alan Ritchson. This man has potential to play Finnick. I mean Finnick is some sort of Aquaman right? He has spent his entire life in the ocean. Here, take a look at this video. Click this to watch a video of Alan Ritchson as Aquaman in Smallville. Justin Hartley (Ritchson’s costar in Smallville) who happens to have a CW pilot titled Aquaman also has the potential for Finnick. But too sad for him because the pilot wasn’t picked up.

As for Trevor, I heard he has been campaigning for his interest in the role. I think there’s a website www.finnickodair.com for his campaign. I think he’s got the bod for Finnick but I haven’t seen any of his acting chops.

With Taylor Kitsch out of the circle, there are still three unknown who will complete the claimed eight actors for Finnick. Let’s see if the claims from Zap2it and others are true.

Catching Fire Casting News or Rumor: Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer, and Taylor Kitsch Plus Brad Pitt Look-alike for Finnick

According to E!, Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer, and Taylor Kitsch are battling for the role of Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Plus, there’s also an “ala Brad Pitt” in Thelma & Louise to join the pool of Finnick Odair wannabes. If I’m not mistaken, that “Brad Pitt” look-alike they are talking about is William Levy. He’s the male model in Jennifer Lopez’s music video for “I’m Into You.”
Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund
William Levy
 Garrett and Armie were both fan favorite and recently MTV has published an article about the potential career break of Taylor Kitsch if he can get the role of Finnick in the Hunger Games sequel. Also, Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight, wants Kitsch to play Finnick. So, the news can be connected to each other but let’s just wait for the official announcement from Lionsgate. The filming will start soon because by January 2013, Jennifer Lawrence is set to film the sequel to X-Men: First Class. E! has also stated that the decision about the casting will be announced within this week.
To read more about the article, you can go this site http://www.eonline.com/news/marc_malkin/catching_fires_finnick_casting_down/319754.
So, what do you think of these four people vying for the role of Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?” Btw, here are some fan art of Finnick Odair.
Garrett Hedlund as Finnick Odair fan art
Armie Hammer as Finnick Odair fan art