Hunger Games Director Gary Ross Spills Secret to the Girl on Fire Dress and the Opening Ceremony

E Online interviewed Hunger Games director Gary Ross about the girl on fire costume and the tribute parade scene. 
Sure, Liam Hesmworth and Josh Hutcherson are good looking and all (and Jennifer Lawrence ain’t half bad herself), but if you’re like us there’s one reason in par-tick you’ll be drooling and ogling during The Hunger Games:
The fashion, of course! And while Elizabeth Banks gets the luxury of Effie Trinket’s outlandish outfits (and wigs and makeup and everything else!) there was another look we were très psyched for: The Girl on Fire!
the Girl on Fire outfit
And director Gary Ross tells us that plenty of work went into those fashionista flames:
“That was so hard!” Gary told us when we asked about the infamous glitzy opening ceremony outfit (ya know, the one where Katniss and Peeta are literally enveloped in faux fire). “It’s not that clearly spelled out in the book the way in which she is on fire, so how we dealt with that fire aspect was a very big deal.”

And while author Suzanne Collins might have been light on the technical details (simply detailing a black unitard and a cape and headpiece to be ignited) she was sure to point out that it was “sensational” and “deadly.”
Which is a lot to live up to…

Gary breaks down his design process, saying: “I thought ‘Well, if the fire is sort of trailing behind her—as it would in the chariot—and if it’s adhering to the top of her shoulder and kind of to the bottom of her rib cage, it would form angel wings. And I thought that aesthetically, in a design sense, that’s something that could be harmonious.”
In the end, Jennifer dons a very detailed, shiny leather (or could it be spandex?) top and pants, with her hair up in braids and no headdress or cape. Once Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) lights the twosome on fire, it’s all CGI flames shooting out their backs.
We’ll leave the final verdict on whether the look works or not up to you. And hey, if the first fire look does not float your boat, there’s always a second one. And in the next book? A fire wedding dress, of all things!

Gary also weighed in on filming the opening ceremonies, explaining: “None of that city exists. None of those crowds exist—that’s all computer generated. So these are chariots on a road at a tobacco plant with a lot of green screen around them…It was just astoundingly complicated to do.”

But well worth the effort, at least in our opinion. The Capitol is stunning. But Mr. Ross will have the opinions of about a gajillion loyal tributes within 36 hours. Only one day left, people!

Hunger Games Girl on Fire iOS Game Preview (Video)

Watch this new clip from Capitol TV (the official Youtube page of the Hunger Games movie) about the Girl on Fire iOS game. Here’s the description of the video:


From the creator of the award-winning indie game CANABALT and leading independent film studio Lionsgate comes an all-new action teaser game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad — THE HUNGER GAMES: GIRL ON FIRE!

After volunteering for the 74th Hunger Games in place of her younger sister, Katniss Everdeen spends the afternoon in the forest outside her home… only to get ambushed by a swarm of Capitol-engineered tracker jackers!

Can you help Katniss make her escape?

Defend Katniss from her attackers with her hunting bow. Leap through treetops with intuitive touch controls. Help Katniss make her way back to District 12!

Hunger Games iOs Game Poster

Have you heard about the strategy game for iOs (iPhone,iPad, iPod touch) of the Hunger Games: Girl on Fire? Here is the poster for that game.

I am excited to play this game. I hope they will release an Android version too.

Here is an article from Joystiq.

“So as far as the setting, and the story, and the things that are in the game, these things are all sourced directly from the film, and by extension the books, and we even got some guidance on specific ideas from Suzanne Collins herself. But visually our inspiration comes from classic Sega Genesis games, especially Treasure games, and even more modern pixel art games like you see coming out of WayForward the last few years.”

Visually our inspiration comes from classic Sega Genesis games, especially Treasure games, and even more modern pixel art games like you see coming out of WayForward the last few years.– Adam Saltsman

The use of pixel art helps cement Girl on Fire as a “game,” separate from its source material. “I feel like if we’re going to make a video game based on a film,” he said, “then it shouldn’t pretend to be anything else but a video game. Like to me intentionally using a pixelated style of presentation is a maybe not-so-subtle way of saying ‘this is its own thing.'” As its own thing, Girl on Fire takes place within the universe of the books, but covers new events.

As an avowed Hunger Games fan, Saltsman had no trouble finding an aspect of the story to adapt. In fact, he had more trouble narrowing it down. “A hardcore survival simulation? A political thriller adventure game? A resource management thing? There are so many metaphors and so many ways to approach the kind of emotional or thematic core of the story that it was a bit overwhelming,” he said.

I feel like if we’re going to make a video game based on a film, then it shouldn’t pretend to be anything else but a video game.– Adam Saltsman

The limitation of making a “teaser game” for the first movie helped the team figure out where to go. “This placed some constraints on the game: it should be small, and it must take place BEFORE the actual Hunger Games themselves; before the actual arena event in the story,” Saltsman said. He continued, offering the first real hint of what the gameplay will be in the iOS title: “So the specific almost systemic things we decided to work off of based on those constraints were things like the heroine’s talent for archery, her tendency to go for long walks in a sort of forbidden forest area, and her brains-over-brawn approach to solving problems.” He intends for the game to carry the “urgency” of facing the consequences of the choices made by the character Katniss — after she chooses to take part in the violent, deadly Hunger Games.

As for the apparent disconnect mentioned above — a tiny iOS team being put on the only game adaptation of a giant franchise — Saltsman doesn’t see the matchup as unusual at all, after applying the model of other art forms to video games. “So for almost every other art form, right, the idea that a big creative license or franchise would team up with a small creative studio to make a new work that is also commercial in nature is just commonplace,” Saltsman said.

“You don’t hire, I don’t know, some monolithic advertising giant if you want to design a great poster, you hire Saul Bass (or Olly Moss, for us hip youngsters!)” Saltsman believes digital distribution, middleware, and “a more mature independent game making community” allow video games to be commissioned in the same “boutique” capacity as other design work. “And I think that is good for everybody.”

Lionsgate told us that The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire “will come out timed to the theatrical release.” The theatrical release takes place March 23.

Hunger Games Girl on Fire iPad/iPhone Game Coming Soon

Wow, I mean this is wow! Hunger Games surely dominates the world now — at least it’s getting more and more exposure. Have you heard about the Facebook social app to be developed by Funtactix? Read it here. Now, Hunger Games will soon dominate your iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices with an upcoming strategy and marksman game from Adam Saltsman and his team. I hope they will create the Android version of the game (Please, please, please Mr. Saltsman). Read this article:
Adam Saltsman, the mastermind behind Canabalt, Gravity Hook and Capsule, has rallied an indie dream team to make an original iOS title based on The Hunger Games movie. The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire is Saltsman’s brainchild, backed by production company Lionsgate, and in collaboration with designers/programmers Mark Johns (Tap Tap Dance) and Kevin Coulton (Hot Throttle), lead artist and animator Paul Veer (Super Crate Box), and composer Daniel Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy, Canabalt).

Saltsman says he was skeptical about taking on the adaptation, as most companies who approach him want to re-skin Canabalt and call it a day. Not Lionsgate though. “I pitched them on an original touch-based action game instead,” Saltsman said. “It does feature a running character, but the focus of the game is more on marksmanship and strategy… but we’ll have more to say and show about that later! It’s a small idea, but a tight one too.”

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire will launch for iOS devices “timed to the theatrical release,” which is March 23.