Haymitch and Cinna Capitol Couture Portraits for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Yesterday, we have witnessed the portraits of Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman from Capitol Couture. Now, it is Haymitch and Cinna’s time to shine. See the photos below. These were released via People and IGN. Thanks Lionsgate!

Who’s portrait will be next? Will we be able to see Portia and the rest of the stylists? Or perhaps President Snow or the newly appointed head gamemaker Plutarch? I was actually surprised to see Haymitch! You know, I actually expect that only people from the Capitol will be featured like last year.

Woody Harrelson on Haymitch, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, and the Hunger Games

An interview by Huffington Post UK:

Q: Could you briefly describe your character in The Hunger Games?

    Haymitch is a mentor for the two characters who are going into the Games. He is grizzled and not exactly a teetotaller. In some ways he’s a little bit jaded, but under all that he is a wonderful person. To begin with, though, there is definitely a conflict with Katniss, the main character. That’s true. That is how it starts out.

    Q: Haymitch looks like one of the most enjoyable characters to play…

    I think he is a pretty fine character. I can’t think of any other character I have played like him. He is quite a unique character. Also he’s interesting because he’s one thing on the surface but then you find he is a little bit different, further down the road. He has that thing of people not being able to quantify him. I’m not sure if it required anything new of me as an actor. It is hard to say. You’re going to have to watch it and tell me the answer to that. Deep down there probably isn’t anything new [laughs]. It’s just me doing the same old sh*t!

    Q: That’s not true! He’s not a very a social character, though, and does like a tipple. How did you pitch that into your performance?

    That was kind of a discussion between Gary [Ross, the director] and I, because I always wanted to make Haymitch more drunk and debauched, but Gary wanted to keep a rein on it so that it wasn’t too much like that. In other words there are times when he had to get down to business so, yes, that had to be properly pitched. Me, I am always in general ready to go over the top with it, so it is helpful to have a director like Gary bringing me back.

    Q: Presumably you got to inject some levity into the performance?

    I certainly did. I tried and we will see if it comes off!

    Q: What did you think of Jennifer Lawrence, your talented leading lady?

    I think she is an amazing girl. She is incredibly funny. I was impressed with her wit. She is a fun-loving person, as is Josh Hutcherson. I know there’s going to be a lot of success for them in the future. I get a feeling that they’re going to be able to keep a handle on it and not change their personalities, though, as sometimes happens.

    Q: Why do you think The Hunger Games books are so popular?

    I think there’s something about the main character Katniss that everybody relates to. It’s really a story of survival and family and in that kind of way it speaks to everyone. Almost all the people I have talked to — those who have read the books — were profoundly impacted by them. Something resonates.

    Q: It’s not a kids’ movie though, really, is it? It reaches out to way older audiences…

    Yeah, I mean kids killing kids. It is quite an intense thing. It’s not just a kids’ movie though, or a tweens’ movie. It’s actually a P.G. rating in the States, but there is a good deal of violence in it.

Woody Harrelson Talks about Haymith and the Hunger Games

Woody Harrelson, who plays Katniss and Peeta’s mentor in the Hunger Games, talked about his role and filming the movie when promoting Bullet For Adol, in which he was the playwright and the director. 
Source: Broadway
Congratulations on your off-Broadway debut as a playwright and director! How does it feel?

It feels really exciting! To present Bullet For Adolf to New York City has long been a dream of Frankie Hyman and mine. To finally be here, oh my God, it’s equal parts excitement and terror.

Bullet For Adolf is based on the summer you met Frankie Hyman. That title begs to be talked about.

It’s hard to tell you too much. Bullet involves the theft of a World War II artifact, and it was based on a real story. In some ways it’s a whodunit. All of the relationships are as they were. There’s a lot in it that is autobiographical, but we didn’t really have a plot. We had to overlay a fictional plot onto this play. People seem to require it [laughs].

One of the most talked about franchises right now has to be The Hunger Games. Tell us about playing Haymitch Abernathy.

That was a pretty cool experience. [Director] Francis Lawrence, who is doing [the second film] Catching Fire, was over at the apartment and I told him this true story: You can’t imagine being the idiot that turned down The Hunger Games, but I actually did. I turned it down. I don’t know why. Maybe I didn’t feel like there was enough to do in the role. Luckily [director] Gary Ross came back to me. In the meantime I had read all the books and I was like, “Oh my god. This is great!” I felt kind of bad for passing it up. He said, “You gotta do it! I don’t have a second choice.” And I said, “Well, in that case, let’s do it.” What a fool I would have been if I passed it up.

How does it feel to have fans that range from Cheers to The Hunger Games?

It’s kind of that surreal. I guess you can call [fans] “friendly strangers.” It’s like being a hot girl: A lot of people come up and want to talk to you. You don’t really know them, but it’s cool because I like people. It’s been an incredible journey. I feel very lucky that people want shake my hand.

Week 5 Winners of the Hunger Games DVD Countdown Contest, Next Week’s Theme is Rue

Six weeks to go and the Hunger Games DVD will soon come! I’m pretty much excited about it because there will be lots of behind the scene footage and I hope the deleted scenes will be featured too. Anyway, for the Haymitch theme of the Hunger Games DVD fan art contest, here are the winners:

Check out other submissions here. Next week’s theme is Rue. Don’t forget to include the text “six weeks and counting” as well as the hashtag #hungergamesdvd. Send your entries at HungerGamesDVDCountdown@gmail.com.

Hunger Games Cast in Empire Magazine

Here are a couple of stills from the upcoming Hunger Games film. These were taken from the iPad version of the Empire Magazine from UK.
The first still features Effie (busy with her make up retouch thing) with Haymitch and Peeta on the background. Based from this still, I think this might have been taken from the Tribute train heading to the Capitol. Haymitch is having a small chat with Peeta and I think he’s talking about Effie. Bad Haymitch. Oh and there’s an inset of President Snow.

The next still is from the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen. Actually, she’s not in fire with this one. She’s spotted on 12’s electric fence with her hunting attire on. Katniss is wearing her father’s jacket and ready to enter the meadow. Her outfit is a manifestation of District 12’s poverty as opposed to the rich and glamour of the Capitol. And something bothers me about the belt. LOL

New Hunger Games Movie Stills Featuring Effie, Haymitch and Katniss

Here is another official still from the Hunger Games movie. It features Effie, a drunken Haymitch and Katniss (well not mentioning Peeta’s legs). It seems like they’re watching at the television screen. I wonder if they are looking at the results of the tribute scores following their one-on-one showdown of skills to the Gamemakers.

This makes me super excited for the movie. For other Hunger Games movie stills, view it here.