The 12 Districts of Panem, Their Roles, and Their Tributes for the 74th Hunger Games

In this post, let us get a closer look at the 12 districts of Panem. Scroll down the images and see the contributions/roles or these districts to the Capitol. You also get the chance to see the tributes from each district for the 74th Hunger Games. These images were taken from the Hunger Games: Tribute Guide.
District 1 – Luxury

Marvel, District 1 Tribute Boy

Glimmer, District 1 Tribute Girl

District 2 – Masonry

Cato, District 2 Tribute Boy

Clove, District 2 Tribute Girl

District 3 – Technology

District 3 Tribute Boy

District 3 Tribute Girl

District 4 – Fishing

District 4 Tribute Boy

District 4 Tribute Girl

District 5 – Power

District 5 Tribute Boy

Foxface, District 5 Tribute Girl

District 6 – Transportation

District 6 Tribute Boy

District 6 Tribute Girl

District 7 – Lumber

District 7 Tribute Boy

District 7 Tribute Girl

District 8 – Textiles

District 8 Tribute Boy

District 8 Tribute Girl

District 9 – Grain

District 9 Tribute Boy

District 9 Tribute Girl

District 10 – Livestock

District 10 Tribute Boy

District 10 Tribute Girl

District 11- Agriculture

Thresh, District 11 Tribute Boy

Rue, District 11 Tribute Girl

 District 12 – Mining

Peeta, District 12 Tribute Boy

Katniss, District 12 Tribute Girl

Get to Know More About the Tributes of the 74th Hunger Games – Exclusive from Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine (iPad version) has shared tidbits for the major tributes of the 74th Hunger Games. The tributes include the Careers Cato, Marvel, and Glimmer. Then there’s Foxface, Thresh and of course our favorite Rue. Check the images below.

Alexander Ludwig as Cato

Jack Quaid as Marvel

Leven Ramblin as Glimmer

Jacqueline Emerson as FoxFace

Dayo Okeniyi as Thresh

Amandla Stenberg as Rue

Hunger Games Tributes Actors in Behind the Scenes Footage during Seventeen’s Prom Photoshoot

Okay, so let’s just set aside the three main leads of the upcoming Hunger Games movie. Let’s give way to the four actors who played tributes to the 74th Hunger Games. Yes, these guys are actually Kantiss and Peeta’s enemy in the arena but in real life, they are great guys. 

Watch the videos below and see how Alexander Ludwig, who plays the bad guy Cato from the District 2 (actually consider the superlative of that word, since he’s really, really bad). Then there’s Dayo Okeniyi, who plays Thresh, the tribute boy from District 11 (he is Rue’s friend. I love Thresh since he spare Katniss’ live saving her from Clove’s (District 2) knives). Don’t forget about Sam Tan (District 8 tribute boy) and Ashton Moio (District 6 tribute boy) too because they will talk about their experience in making the Hunger Games movie. Well, this isn’t just about the movie really. Know about Alexander, Dayo, Sam, and Ashton’s dream Prom date.

Alexander Ludwig as Cato

Dayo Okeniyi as Thresh

Sam Tan as District 8 boy tribute

Ashton Moio as District 6 tribute boy

Source: Cambio