Pre-Order Your Hunger Games H20 Water Bottles

If you could remember, I posted last year about the Hunger Games water bottles to be manufactured by H20. Read the article here. Now, the product is already available for pre-order at Amazon. If you wish to add the water bottles to your collections, go to Amazon and start your purchase. Happy Hunger Games.

Hunger Games Movie in H20 Water Bottles

The Hunger Games movie is still not released but it’s making a huge noise already.  The cast of the movie have been featured in different magazines, interviews, and even Lionsgate introduce the idea of hunting puzzle pieces to get a glimpse on the new Hunger Games movie poster, with the tagline “The World Will Be Watching.” In case  you haven’t seen the new Hunger Games movie poster, click it here
If you are aware of the latest news involving the Hunger Games, you might heard about the Katniss nail polish lawsuit, right? Well, I heard it’s already settled but what I’m bringing up here is a new marketing strategy applied by the management of H20, a springwater company in the U.S. Here is the rest of the news article from (via about the H20 Hunger Games product packing featuring the Hunger Games:
Spring water company H2O has recently shared that they will be releasing special packaging for the tie in water for The Hunger Games. The book and movie clearly have a connection with water, so the marketing move seems to make sense on this level. You can pre-order the special water from Amazon or wait for it to hit stores near you. H2O will also be hosting special deals and contest for fans of the series and are asking fans to “like” them on Facebook. Here is their full statement about the new water.

Refreshing Ideas, LLC, producers of the earth-friendly “h2O” natural spring water in an award-winning, renewable, aseptic package, have partnered with The Hunger Games, to be the official water of what will undoubtedly be one of the blockbuster movies for 2012.

Some fans are upset by this move, saying that this is exactly what the story is against. While I can see what they mean, we do need to remember that the story is fiction. To have companies marketing the movie is good for the stars and studio. It takes less of their own money since they do not have to market that much and it will help spread the word even better. More marketing in turn brings more money, which in turn means that they likely will do even bigger things with the second movie.
Are you one of those who are against this idea? I think having a water company market a movie is a bit much, but some argue that it is better than other ideas. I suppose this could get some parents attention and this is good. But it does seem to be a bit much. I am sure other companies would have made a lot more sense than a spring water one, but that is just my own personal opinion on it.