The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Will Set Sparks in IMAX Screens

According to the latest scoop from “The Hollywood Reporter,” Catching Fire, the sequel to the box office hit “The Hunger Games” will be presented in IMAX screens starting November 23, 2013. Accordingly, director Francis Lawrence will use IMAX supported cameras for some scenes and the movie will be digitally remastered to into IMAX format to make us more wowed!
Lionsgate motion picture group co-chairs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger said Wednesday that:
“We are thrilled to continue the productive partnership we enjoyed with Imax on the first installment of The Hunger Games.” 
Source: THR

The Hunger Games Will Return To Imax For One Week Starting April 27

Despite the fact that the “Hunger Games” was dethroned by Think Like A Man this weekend at the US box office, the Hunger Games will be shown to more than 100 IMAX theaters in North America for one week starting this April 27th. For those who wanted to watch the Hunger Games with a brand new experience at IMAX (great sound and display than ordinary theaters), grab your tickets now!
new IMAX poster of the Hunger Games movie

Here is what Lionsgate has to say:
“It’s wonderful that so many fans have expressed interest in seeing ‘The Hunger Games’ in the immersive Imax format, and many of these are repeat viewers,” said Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group co-chair Rob Friedman.
” ‘The Hunger Games’ has become a cultural phenomenon and we are thrilled to provide moviegoers with another opportunity to see this year’s most successful film in Imax,” said Greg Foster, chairman and president of Imax Filmed Entertainment.
Source: Variety