Tributes in Their Interview Attire with Caesar Flickerman

I think I have to share the images showcasing the fantastic and beautiful dresses of 74th Hunger Games tributes for their interview with Caesar Flickerman. I hope you enjoy it all. Most of the images were taken from the Hunger Games Tribute Guide and Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion. If you haven’t have copies of the two, you could order them online or visit a local bookstore. 
The Tribute Boys
Cato, cocky as ever

Marvel from District 1

The very charming Peeta Mellark from District 12

Oh hey, there’s Haymitch (District 12’s mentor) from the crowd
Clove, that dress is beautiful
what are you thinking Clove?

Are you really that elusive Foxface? I wonder what your real name is (you look beautiful here)

Glimmer is indeed glimmering

The tributes are waiting for their names to be called, I bet Glimmer hit the stage first

Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!

Rue, very cute little Rue

Oh Katniss, don’t be nervous, you have a beautiful dress
and who would forget Caesar Flickerman with his dashing smile?
oh there’s nothing more like Caesar’s Smile LOL

this is the back of the interview stage, the tributes will seat here before being called by Caesar