Jena Malone Talks About Auditioning in Catching Fire

In a recent article at Vulture, Jena Malone talked about his audition as Johanna Mason as well as in shooting the elevator scene. Check it out below:

Francis has said that a lot of the actresses who auditioned for Johanna just came in and played her as a bitchy girl, but that you came in and seemed genuinely mad. You actually intimidated him. Were you mad? What did you do?

Before the audition, I was like, Fuck, I’m so not an angry person. I mean, I can do intimidating or whatever, a little bit. But I’m much more of a happy-go-lucky, make everyone feel comfortable [person]. Anger’s not something you can fake. It’s something that channels through you, out of nowhere. It’s a hard thing to control. So I was like, Fuck, this is going to be a little complicated, and I don’t wanna go in there and give him something fake and ridiculous. And so, I don’t know what happened, but the morning I woke up, everything started pissing me off. My alarm didn’t go off right; someone called me at five in the morning. I got out of bed on the wrong side of the bed. And I was like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s happening? And I was like, Oh, wait. She’s totally taking over. And so by the time I got to the audition, I was so pissed off. And they were like 30 minutes late, some actor was in there before me, he kept coming out and putting his headphones on and then going back in. And I was like,Jesus, this guy. They’re, like, coddling everybody. He’s trying to cry, he can’t cry. I was so pissed off. They’re wasting my time. By the time I was in there, I was seething; I was frothing at the mouth. I don’t even think I said hello to Francis. I just walked in and said, “Tell me when you want me to start.”

It’s crazy to think some of the younger Catching Fire fans might not have even heard of Stepmom.
No, but it’s so not true! Going on this mall tour, every other girl that came up, she’s like, “Donnie Darko’s my favorite” or “Stepmom’s my favorite.” It really gives you a belief in the eternal shelf-life of film. That’s what’s so exciting about being in the film industry: If something doesn’t stick right away, it can still affect an audience in 20 years, 50 years, 100 years.

Going back to Catching Fire, there are already GIFs of you stripping in the elevator. Not sure if you knew that.
No, I didn’t! And by the way, I didn’t even know what GIFs were. My little sister has been trying to teach me about, like, memes and GIFs. Now I’m kind of obsessed with them.

I love how the face Jennifer Lawrence makes seems more like a Jennifer Lawrence reaction than a Katniss reaction. Not to suggest that she’s not doing a good job acting, but —
Yeah, like I almost pulled her out of herself for one second.

You obviously haven’t shaved your head yet, so does that mean you’re not going to have to for Mockingjay, or you haven’t started shooting your part yet?
I haven’t started filming yet; I start in December. Johanna doesn’t come in until the middle of the Mockingjay novel, so she’s off being tortured. It’s so funny, whilst doing the press tour, that was also like my research tour. Because I start [shooting], like, next week. So I was like, Fuck, basically I get off the press tour and then have to shoot. So I was reading all of these things on torture and thinking all this dark, deep, intense shit … while I’m wearing high heels, hugging these 15-year-old girls.

Jena Malone Talks About Johanna’s Elevator Scene with USA Today

In a recent article from USA Today, Jena Malone was able to share how she managed to strip down in a short time while filming the famous “elevator” scene with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Woody Harrelson. 

“It was a really fast elevator,” she says. “At first, we’d get to the door opening, and I’d still be halfway dressed and falling out of the elevator.
“I realized I was going to need some time. I had to choreograph, because I had these bracelets and the whole zipper down the side of the outfit and then taking off the shoes,” she adds. “It was literally like a six-second striptease. I became a really good burlesque dancer.”
“I finally got all of the timing bits down,” Malone says. “And as I turned to go, the elevator doors opened. And there was a guy holding two cups of coffee from Starbucks trying to get onto the elevator. I just walked out. I was like, ‘OK, keep going!’ And he was totally unfazed. It’s like me, naked in all of Joanna’s glory, and then Woody Harrelson, Jen (Lawrence) and Josh (Hutcherson) and the camera operator behind me.”
“It was the best moment of my life,” she adds.

Read more at USA Today.

Jena Malone’s Training in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Johanna Mason

In the latest article from, Jena Malone’s trainer, Patrick Murphy, was able to share the actress’ training for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

Jena Malone as Johanna Mason

SHAPE: Malone has said she trained with you five days a week for two months before she even started filming. What was your plan of action to get Jena Hunger Games ready?

PM: Truth be told, I had a great canvas to start with. Our game plan was to incorporate strength and power moves into balance and agility training, with four to five workouts a week. We targeted different muscle groups on different days with varied split routines each week, determined by how Jena was feeling. We might have focused on pushing movements one day and pulling movements the next, always doing core work too. On days we weren’t doing resistance training, Jena would do high-intenstiy sprint intervals so we never hit a plateau.

SHAPE: And how did you see her body transform?

PM: Jena went from thin to lean and mean, and by the end of two months, seriously hard and ripped. She had a history of training hard—her body changed very quickly.

SHAPE: In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Johanna Mason is known for being talented with an ax, how did you incorporate that into her workout?

PM: Her character would be in “do or die” situations so her movements had to be super focused with high intensity. Exercising with resistance bands, cables, weighted bars, and dumbbells prepared her to strike with any weapon; her wrist and handgrip became super strong. After many reps and much practice she made difficult movements look easy!

SHAPE: To sustain all her effort in the gym, what type of nutritional plan did you recommend?

PM: The great news for me was learning that Jena already eats super healthy. I did some fine-tuning by asking her to eat all organic and avoid processed foods; it helped her maintain amazing energy and achieve that lean, ripped body.

SHAPE: What’s the best way for women to start integrating Malone’s training strategies into their routine?

PM: First and foremost, you need a strong mindset and the willingness to change—only then will you reach your fitness goals. Commit to becoming super fit and make it a top priority. Also, I recommend that everyone work with a fitness professional, even if it’s periodically to make sure you’re on the proper path for reaching your full potential.

Jena Malone in the Thick for Catching Fire Training

MTV has chatted with Jena Malone, our very own Johanna Mason, during the 2012 Emmy Awards. She mentioned about her excitement and training for Catching Fire.

“I’m very excited as well, it’s going to be great,” Malone said. “I just love the books so much. I literally read all three in four days and just was crying at the end. I’m really, really excited to be a part of it.”

As a fan of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy, the 27-year-old “Sucker Punch” star clearly has an affinity for her tough-cookie character, though she didn’t want to talk too much about why she loves playing Johanna.

“Yeah, we’ll get into it when there’s more to say,” Malone said, before adding that she is in the midst of an intense training regimen to get prepared for all the various physical demands required of the role.

“Oh yeah, I’m in the thick of [training] but excited,” she said. “I love that kind of stuff. ‘Sucker Punch’ kind of got me into a regimen and now I kind of crave it.”