Mainstay Pro’s The Hanging Tree

Guys, you should watch a new short film created by Mainstay Pro. It’s entitled “The Hanging Tree” and it tells the story about Katniss and her father. Watch and find out their own interpretation on how Katniss learned how to use the bow, The Hanging Tree song, the mockingjay, the electrified fence, and freedom. Good…

Finnick and Annie Webisode 6 by MainStayPro

Here is the final part of the Finnick and Annie story by MainStay Pro. Thanks again so much MainStayPro for making such great webisodes, I hope you guys will be able to get a huge break soon — you all deserve it. The ones who played the young adult Finnick (James Gaisford)  and Annie (Emerald…

Finnick and Annie Webisode 5 by MainStayPro

Here is the fifth episode of the Finnick/Annie web series by MainStayPro. One more episode to go. Finnick and Annie Webisode 1 Finnick and Annie Webisode 2 Finnick and Annie Webisode 3 Finnick and Annie Webisode 4

Finnick and Annie Webisode 3 and 4 by MainstayPro

I’ve joined the 3rd and 4th episode of the Finnick and Annie webisode by MainStayPro in this post. Sorry for the late update, I was quite busy. Anyway, here they are: Finnick and Annie Episode 3 Finnick and Annie Episode 4 Watch Finnick and Annie Webisode 1 Watch Finnick and Annie Webisode 2

Hunger Games: Second Quarter Quell by MainStayPro

I personally created a separate post for this MainStayPro video since I love what they did on this scene. I love how Haymitch and Maysilee were played, especially Haymitch. The girl tribute on the opening scene is really touching and she looks like Abegail Breslin. The fighting scene between Haymitch and the Career tributes was…

Finnick and Annie Webisode Number 1 by MainStayPro

Annie and Finnick are two fictional characters from the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. They are victors in separate Hunger Games, however, they all come from the same district, District 4 (Fishing). The two are romantically linked to each other.  Finnick Oddair is said to be very handsome and everyone is attracted to him….