Hunger Games Official Movie Posters/Covers — See Them Here

Here are the three official Hunger Games movie posters released by Lionsgate. Enjoy.

Download this Hunger Games Movie Poster 1 HQ


Download this Hunger Games Movie Poster 2 HQ


Download this Hunger Games Movie Poster 3 HQ

UPDATE: I added several posters from the Mall Tour, IMAX, and from the Hunger Games Adventure and Girl on Fire iOS game.

IMAX Poster 1

IMAX Poster 2

A Special Hunger Games Movie Poster

Hunger Games Japanese Poster

Hunger Games DVD Poster

Hunger Games DVD/Bluray Cover

The Hunger Games Soundtrack: Songs From District 12 and Beyond

The Hunger Games Official Score

Hunger Games Mall Tour Poster

Hunger Games Adventure Poster

Hunger Games Girl on Fire iOS Game Poster

New and Final Hunger Games Movie Poster — Featuring Katniss and Her Bow

I know lots of Hunger Games fans are already excited to see the movie in March and that’s why Lionsgate has released the final poster for the movie. As a sort of recap, the first movie poster featured a flaming mockingjay, the second one has the tag line “The World Will be Watching” with Katniss and Peeta (from the Puzzle Hunt), and this time, it features Katniss, ready to shoot her arrow. Katniss is wearing her costume to the 74th Hunger Games. Here, look at the poster below:

Thank you Moviefone.