New Hunger Games Movie Still – Claudius Templesmith

Here is a brand new still from the Hunger Games movie featuring Claudius Templesmith, the announcer of the Hunger Games. Toby Smith will play Claudius in the movie. By this still, Claudius is a sure manifestation of Capitol fashion. Whew the hair and eyebrows are sure one of a kind.

New President Snow Still in HQ

Have you seen this picture of President Snow of the Hunger Games. Btw, for those who don’t know, President Snow will be portrayed by Donald Sutherland in the movie. Here is an HQ version of the image. 

Hunger Games Official Movie Stills — So Far!!!!

Here are the official movie stills released by Lionsgate for the upcoming dystopian film adaptation of the Hunger Games. When it says official — these were released by Lionsgate and majority of them aren’t seen in the full length trailer. Rue in the training center President Snow President Snow, the ruler of Panem Peeta Mellark…