President Coin Has Bigger Role in Mockingjay Movie Than in the Books

Nina Jacobsen has revealed via IndieWire that President Coin will have bigger role in Mockingjay movie than in the book.

“You’ll see that Julianne Moore’s role in Mockingjay [the third installment] is much bigger in the movie than it is in the book,” Jacobson said. “Again, in the book, you can only see it from Katniss’ point of view. There are a lot of scenes that Katniss wasn’t a part of that we get to see in the film. Even when we go away from Katniss, it’s always still about her.”

Julianne Moore is President Coin Mockingjay 1 & 2

Guess who’s playing District 13 leader President Coin in Mockingjay? Well, it’s none other than Julianne Moore! The veteran actress was among the ones who were into the pool of names for playing President Coin, one of the key roles in the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. You can read that post here. Anyway, Ms. Moore is among the new cast of the franchise, who also include Natalie Dormer for Cressida, Evan Ross as Messalla and Stef Dawson as Annie. For the rest of the cast for Mockingjay 1 and 2, you can see it on this page.
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