Covers of US Weekly’s Hunger Games Special Edition and People’s Collector’s Edition

Here are the covers of two separate magazines from US Weekly and People with their special feature on the Hunger Games movie. These two are available for pre-order at Barnes and Nobles. 

People Magazine

The People Magazine’s cover is very familiar (same with EW’s cover), I was expecting to find new image of Katniss or Peeta. But I hope the content will have tons of new images.

The US Weekly Magazine features over 125 exciting photos of the cast and their elaborate costumes, plus interviews with the cast and three giant posters.

What do you think?

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth Promotes Hunger Games in Mexico

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth went to Mexico to promote the Hunger Games movie. Here are the pics for the said event. Plus, scroll down and read what Jen and Liam have to say about getting the roles and their career. By the way, they attended a Hunger Games rally at Six Flags. At the rally, 24 fans chosen by different media outlets will act as Tributes in an effort to win a secret prize from Jennifer and Liam. Wow, I wish I was there.

“I think I’m a very lucky man: there millions of guys looking for a opportunity like this one and I was the one to get it,” said Liam Hemsworth at the press conference. “I think every actor wants to do interesting roles, roles that transcend, and this movie lives up to those expectations.” Hemsworth revealed he had to go to intensive work-out routines and a special diet to look like a ‘hungry person’.

Jennifer Lawrence commented to the media how grateful she is for the opportunity she had early in her career to work with Mexican director Guillermos Arriaga in the movie The Burning Plain. 

“I love him, he taught me a lot of things. He’s a very intelligent man and one of the most influential people in my career. I can tell you he’s in a very special part of my heart.”

On being about to get exposed to a huge audience thanks to the movies, Lawrence said: 
“I know who I am and I don’t like to be like the people who appear in TV or some kind of magazine; and I work hard to avoid being like that.” 
Liam agreed with her and stated that it’s his great, united family what helps him stay down-to-earth, because the entertainment industry is a very unstable business.

Source:, HG Girl on Fire, Record

Capitol Ads Featuring Caesar Flickerman’s Smile and Seneca Crane’s Beard

Cinna‘s not the only one who knows how to endorse Capitol products, our favorite interview host Caesar Flickerman and head gamemaker Seneca Crane can do it too. Caesar’s smile is perfect for the “Dazzling Dazzling Dazzling Smile Away” toothpaste. On the other hand, Seneca’s beard and mustache are magnificent for the “Cutting Edge” trimmer.

From: The Hunger Games Official Website

What do you think of this? Cool isn’t. I bet gold will be this year’s color.

From: The Hunger Games Official Website

Hunger Games Movie Flyers of the Promo Posters For Your Bedroom — Buy Now!

I know you’ve seen these two lovely promo pictures of the upcoming dystopian film The Hunger Games, but have you ever wished to put them on  your room and see it everyday? Luckily, the people from PopCulture Graphics have secured copyrights from Suzanne Collins, Lionsgate, and Scholastic to deliver and bring out the images we only see on the computer. Here they are:

Hunger Games Poster – Promo Flyer Book and 2012 Movie – 11 X 17 – Jennifer Lawrence – Read

Hunger Games Poster – Promo Flyer 2012 Movie – 11 X 17 – Jennifer Lawrence – Main Mirrors

Note: The images are of 11×7, so expect that these won’t be real size posters — thus, it’s been stated as “flyer.”

Effie is the New Face of China Glaze Hunger Games Nail Polish Lines

After so much talks, lawsuit, and other issues, China Glaze has its new face. Finally, the products will be now offered to all, targeting Hunger Games fans. The official endorser is not really Katniss, but Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks)! Well, Effie has the fashion sense of the Capitol and she really deserves to be seen in the China Glaze nail polish line. Here is the poster of the China Glaze nail polish products featuring Effie Trinket of the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in her favor!

Read the article from MTV’s Hollywood Crush on the Capitol Colours line of nail polish.

According to the news from the Capitol, the 12 polish colors will represent each of the 12 districts, which will allow the citizens of Panem to show support for their favorite tribute leading up to the Games on March 23. Inside sources tell us to expect more news updates from the Capitol as they continue to roll out additional promotions in the coming weeks.