The Hunger Games Will be Released at 67 IMAX Theaters in China by June

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the Hunger Games will be screened to 67 IMAX theaters in China by June. Find out more about the news from THR’s article below:
The teen tentpole will be released with both dubbed and sub-titled prints in China under new revenue sharing terms recently agreed as part of a WTO arrangement.
Imax’s local partners for the release include the China Film Group, in conjunction with Huaxia Film Distribution Co.
Also pitching in is Lionsgate’s promotional partner in the region, Talent International.
The Hunger Games is already approaching $650 million at the worldwide box office, and Lionsgate anticipates that figure will climb significantly higher after the tent tentpole is released in China.
“The Hunger Games launch in China underscores the franchise’s continued emergence as a truly global phenomenon, and we’re delighted to extend our successful partnership with Imax around the globe to offer moviegoers in China a unique, world-class experience,” Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairs Patrick Wachsberger and Rob Friedman said in a statement.

Hunger Games Official Release Dates

The Hunger Games Movie Release Dates

Belgium 21 March 2012
France 21 March 2012
Philippines 21 March 2012
Australia 22 March 2012
Germany 22 March 2012
Greece 22 March 2012
Hong Kong 22 March 2012
Hungary 22 March 2012
Singapore 22 March 2012
Brazil 23 March 2012
Canada 23 March 2012
Finland 23 March 2012
Norway 23 March 2012
Sweden 23 March 2012
UK 23 March 2012
USA 23 March 2012
Netherlands 29 March 2012
Portugal 29 March 2012
Italy 13 April 2012
Spain 20 April 2012

Source: IMDB